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December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Funky Cha
Harvie S

Cuba has an amazing impact on jazz players. Once the island’s rhythm sinks its teeth into an unsuspecting soul, he or she is immediately transformed. Such is the case with bassist-composer Harvie S, whose sojourn to the forbidden island prompted a mid-career...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Live at the Dakota Two
Nachito Herrera

Former Cubanismo pianist and musical director Nachito Herrera returns with a follow-up live recording at Minneapolis’ Dakota Jazz Club in a Latin quartet setting, tearing through originals and revamped standards. Despite some unfortunate technical issues...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Mambo Kings

This is the Hochstein School of Music faculty’s showcase concert and the players want to highlight their take on Latin and jazz standards, and it’s a fairly decent live recording (although the piano solos need to come up in the mix), but living up to the...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Gumbi Ortiz

Looking at the CD cover laden with neon and, yes, pink flamingos, one might plan a trip back in time to the ’80s. With Miami, percussionist Gumbi Ortiz (pronounced “Goombi”) surrounds himself with all of the players from the era of strap-on keyboards and...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Pasos Gigantes
Pequeño Johnny

This is salsa at its best. After a 16-year tenure with Puerto Rican salsa institution La Sonora Ponceña, percussionist “Little” Johnny Rivero showcases his compositional talents on this hip-shaking outing that’s sure to please salsa dura (tough salsa) enthusiasts...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

What You’ve Been Waiting for/Lo Que Esperabas
Tiempo Libre

Miami-based timba band Tiempo Libre is one of very few contemporary Cuban groups in the U.S. to emphasize what many feel to be the more aggressive side of Cuban music. The intensity of timba is certainly not for everyone; this new-millennium form of “salsa...


December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves

Skin Tones
Samuel Torres

Colombian-born percussionist Samuel Torres makes his debut as a leader with a pastiche of textures and captivating compositions, accompanied by some top-notch Latin-jazz artists including the ever-funky John Benítez on bass, supreme pianist/composer Hector...


October 2006    Albums

Samba + Samba
Tony Mola

The debut solo recording from Brazilian percussionist-composer Tony Mola gives you exactly what the title suggests: samba—and lots of it. If you are looking to supplement your Brazilian collection with a representation of the rich and diverse rhythms of...


October 2006    Albums

Canta Vinicius de Moraes e Paolo Cesar Pinheiro
Baden Powell

From the opener, this reissue of the 1977 Paris recording by guitarist-composer and vocalist Baden Powell captivates the listener with the bright and happy sounds of “old-school” samba with “Labaréda,” written by Powell and superb lyricist Vinicius de Moraes...


October 2006    Albums

Roda Carioca
Jovino Santos Neto

After over a decade on the forefront of the Brazilian jazz scene in Seattle, pianist-composer Jovino Santos Neto returns to his native city of Rio de Janeiro to unite with some of his former Hermeto Pascoal colleagues as well as the avant-garde maestro himself...


July/August 2006    Spheres

The Jobim Songbook
Maucha Adnet

Vocalist Maucha Adnet is no stranger to Antonio Carlos Jobim and his legacy of sambas and bossa novas, having accompanied the maestro for a decade in the Banda Nova project. Here she is joined by a stellar cast to deliver a sensitive and dynamic collection...


July/August 2006    Spheres

Sete Capelas
Marcos Amorim

Guitarist Marcos Amorim follows up his 2003 release, Cris on the Farm, with this offering of original pieces, featuring Brazilian flutist Nivaldo Ornelas on several tracks. For the most part, this album feels like pretty wallpaper: nice to put on in the...


July/August 2006    Spheres

Bambu Sun
Corina Bartra and Azu

While the album notes credit vocalist-percussionist Corina Bartra as exploring her “Afro-Peruvian jazz roots,” there is not much in this CD that conjures those textures in this unfocused but well-intended effort. Bartra’s uneven, bilingual vocal performance...


July/August 2006    Spheres

Le Roi de la Bossa Nova
Luiz Bonfa

When Luiz Bonfá’s “Manha de Carnaval” and “Samba de Orfeo” (with lyrics by Antonio Maria) joined the legacy of bossa nova songs in the film Orfeu Negro, it was clear that the genre had found yet another “king.” This reissue of two of his recordings proves...


July/August 2006    Spheres

Jobim, etc.
Yashmin Charnet-Abler

New York City is home to this Rio-born vocalist, who professes a great love for Brazilian music along with her eclectic group of accompanying musicians on this tribute to Jobim, among other songwriters. The stark recording is markedly flat and comes across...


July/August 2006    Spheres

Barclay Sesssions
Leny Eversong

Adopting her American-sounding stage name in 1935, vocal diva Leny Eversong was the epitome of South American glitz and glamour of 1940s and ’50s Brazil, known for her booming and semioperatic renditions of campy American show tunes mostly on radio and the...

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