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12/31/15    Albums

This Is Not a Miracle

Food has altered its recipe again, and the results are delicious. The experimental jazz group has been a quartet and a duo with guests, and now it’s sort of a trio. The two leaders and founding members—British saxophonist Iain Ballamy and Norwegian drummer...


12/25/15    Albums

Press Enter
Romain Collin

Romain Collin’s music is cinematic. Each of the 10 songs on his third album, Press Enter , could be used at a key moment or climactic scene in a film. Given the French-born pianist’s background composing music for movies, this makes sense. His songs build...


12/08/15    Albums

The Conduct of Jazz
Matthew Shipp

As Matthew Shipp albums go, this is almost mainstream jazz. The forcefully individualistic pianist’s new disc, The Conduct of Jazz , is the first by his new trio with bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Newman Taylor Baker. It’s a reset for Shipp, who has...


12/04/15    Albums

Le Bebe de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)
Darius Jones Quartet Featuring Emilie Lesbros

Obvious parallels exist between William Parker’s Raining on the Moon group with vocalist Leena Conquest and Darius Jones’ new album, which features French singer Emilie Lesbros. Hallmarks of both: accessible avant-garde jazz, lyrical compositions and a seamless...


12/01/15    Albums

Yamiyo Ni Karasu
Satoko Fujii Tobira

Satoko Fujii’s oeuvre is monstrous. The Japanese pianist issues several CDs a year, often in batches of two or three, and in totality they represent nothing if not the very definition of an iconoclastic artist. Her style is free, rough and aggressive, her...


10/14/15    Albums

For Those Who Are, Still
William Parker

Bassist, composer and bandleader William Parker is a bottomless well of creativity, and his endless run of superb recordings continues with For Those Who Are, Still , a three-disc box of four previously unissued long-form works, one of them dating back 15...


10/04/15    Albums

The Complete Concert by the Sea
Erroll Garner

Concert by the Sea , the recording of Erroll Garner’s Sept. 19, 1955, performance in Carmel, Calif., immediately became and remains one of the best-selling albums in jazz. But one always suspected that Garner’s trio played more music that day than the 41...


09/29/15    Albums

Songs We Like a Lot
John Hollenbeck

Songs I Like a Lot was one of 2013’s best records and one of the most majestic albums of the 21st century. Arranger and bandleader John Hollenbeck nearly created an entirely new genre by blending big-band music and pop songs with modern classical sensibilities...


09/11/15    Movies

Coltrane's A Love Supreme: Live in Amsterdam
Branford Marsalis Quartet

Branford Marsalis’ 2002 album, Footsteps of Our Fathers , which included his quartet’s recitation of John Coltrane’s four-part suite A Love Supreme , drew mostly favorable reviews, though at least one critic ( ahem ) found it stiff, emotionless and unnecessary...


07/02/15    Albums

Hot Town
Ghost Train Orchestra

The only downside to listening to old jazz recordings from the 1920s is that they sound as though they were made in the 1920s. Brian Carpenter is making a career out of remedying that, and he continues his winning formula on Hot Town , the third album from...


06/04/15    Albums

The Hot Sardines
The Hot Sardines

In the neo-tradition of Squirrel Nut Zippers, 8 ½ Souvenirs and the Puppini Sisters come the Hot Sardines, a band whose record label claims is “reinventing hot jazz for the 21st century.” Reinventing? Not true. Celebrating in high style and with sharp talent...


05/13/15    Albums

To Duke
Matthew Shipp Trio

Matthew Shipp has tackled standards before. The thunderous, iconoclastic pianist has for years pounded out the likes of “Autumn Leaves,” “Summertime” and “Tenderly,” as well as some of Duke Ellington’s songs, beating them so that they conform to his own...


05/01/15    Albums

The Last Transmission
The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles

The Last Transmission is a trippy, space-age, world-fusion-acid-jazz groove for the 22nd century. The Heliocentrics—a U.K. collective that throws every kind of music into a pot and raises it to a boil—have teamed with octogenarian African-American filmmaker...


03/31/15    Albums

Break Stuff
Vijay Iyer Trio

Vijay Iyer has been up to a lot since his trio recorded its last album, 2012’s fantastic Accelerando . Iyer is the most celebrated pianist in jazz—he may be the most celebrated musician in jazz right now—and that gives him great creative license. He’s used...


02/11/15    Albums

Live in Concert
Manu Katche

Manu Katché has left ECM after four records, and his new album, Live in Concert , showcases a slightly more aggressive side of the drummer, who is a Frenchman with African roots. The disc, recorded at the New Morning jazz club in Paris, contains nine songs...


02/04/15    Albums

That the Days Go By and Never Come Again
Indigo Mist

Indigo Mist is the partnership of Cuong Vu, the trumpeter who came up in the Pat Metheny Group and has forged an identity with an ethereal rock-leaning sound, and Richard Karpen, a classically trained pianist and computer-music academic. The two met at the...

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