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11/30/15    Community Articles

Smooth Jazz...No chaser!

Well, I think it's been close to two years now that, I've had to go without a Smooth Jazz Radio Station in the City of Los Angeles, and probably about five years or so that, I've had to endure the new "mash-up" of Smooth Jazz and R&B concerts. I LOVE...

08/05/14    Community Articles

Who Hijacked My Jazz

Well, it's been three years since I posted an article, and in those three years much has happened to Jazz (Smooth Jazz that is) on the radio and at concerts. I'm NOT happy about it ! I started to ask the question: Who hijacked my Jazz???? Almost all of the...

07/21/11    Community Articles

A Little R&B With Your Jazz?

I am a die-hard jazz I also love my R&B, but not together....don't want them touching on my musical plate, so to speak.

04/15/11    Community Articles

Jazz Appreciation:

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and I couldn't be happier, but one month isn't enough...jazz should be celebrated 365, 24/7.

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