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July/August 2007    Gearhead

Composite Acoustics X Performer Guitar

What do you get when you cross a guitarist/luthier with an aerospace engineer? A guitar that reaches for the stars—and makes it. Composite Acoustics, a Louisiana-based guitar manufacturer, has been making carbon-fiber guitars since 1999 and has recently...


June 2007    Gearhead

Hagstrom HJ-500 Guitar

It’s been a while since the name Hagstrom was kicked around by jazz guitarists. In the ’60s, the Swedish company manufactured a Jimmy D’Aquisto-designed guitar with an oval soundhole and a floating humbucking pickup. It resembled an Epiphone Howard Roberts...


September 2005    Gearhead

Euphonic Audio iAMP

While most manufacturers of Class D amps keep their products’ weight and cost at a minimum by employing a switching power supply, the designers at Euphonic Audio believe that a conventional linear power supply with a toroidal power transformer yields better...

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