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01/09/16    Community Articles

Nick Phillips & Jenny Maybee Present "Haiku" - Bolstered by Pianist / Vocalist Jenny Maybee, Nick Phillips Returns with Another Chapter of Inspirational Jazz Recordings.

Haiku - the new album and premiere recording collaboration between multifaceted pianist/vocalist/songwriter/arranger, Jenny Maybee, and veteran jazz record producer/trumpet player/songwriter/arranger, Nick Phillips - is a mesmerizing mix of vocal and instrumental...


11/16/15    Albums

SONNY SHARROCK's Classic Definer ASK THE AGES Released By M.O.D. Technologies - Enhanced And Re-mastered

Guitarist Sonny Sharrock wasn't just ahead of his time, like a freight train roaring through a darkened station, not just hours but weeks ahead of schedule. With Elvin Jones, Pharoah Sanders, Charnett Moffett.


11/16/15    Albums

Dubopera As Part Of The Incunabula Digital Series Presented By M.O.D. Technologies - Masahiro Shimba & Bill Laswell

A unique fusion of classic opera mixed with contemporary dub set in a progressive, futuristic, rhythmic environment. Masahiro Shimba is a leading Japanese opera singer. Produced and arranged by Bill Laswell.


10/09/15    Albums


Potent Improv Group Slobber Pup returns with the second chapter in their saga of powerful music and noise, their lineup bolstered by the presence of Swedish sax master Mats Gustafsson.


10/04/15    Albums

Bass Culture To Be Released on M.O.D. Technologies With Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Robbie Shakespeare, Jah Wobble, Gabe Katz

A continuous flow of over 16 minutes, broken into seven individual, connected pieces. Dub, ambient and experimental electric basses are the focus.


10/04/15    Albums

A.P.C.'s Founder & Designer Jean Touitou Releases Samba de Merda on M.O.D. Technologies (Incunabula Digital Series)

Recorded in-house with a little help from friends Bill Laswell, Noam Levy and French band H.D.R., this Incunabula tune reflects on the aftermath of the January Paris attacks.


09/11/15    Albums

Randy Brecker's RandyPOP! - A Live Recording Re-Imagining Brecker's Seminal Contributions To The World Of Pop, Feat. Werner, Sanchez, Rogers, Patitucci, Smith

Beginning in the '60s, Brecker distinguished himself as a first-call studio musician for the likes of James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Donald Fagen, et al. RandyPOP! highlights these recordings, but with a twist.


09/05/15    Albums

RareNoiseRecords Presents BOB BELDEN's Last Recording With Animation Featuring Bill Laswell and Kurt Elling

Machine Language is the last and possibly most ambitious work by American composer, orchestrator, arranger, saxophonist and all-round conceptualizer Bob Belden with his historical group Animation. Belden died on May 20th this year.


09/04/15    Albums

Mayimba Music To Release Time Remembered - An Introspective Journey With Pianist-Composer BOB ALBANESE Featuring Eddie Gomez

For his first collaboration with bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Willard Dyson, esteemed pianist Bob Albanese offers Time Remembered, an interior exploration through memory.


08/03/15    Albums

MOD Technologies Adds To Its Incunabula Series - On Brion Gysin with Ira Cohen, Bill Laswell

Ira Cohen, poet, artist, mystic, pioneer of mylar photography, in collaboration with iconoclast musician / producer, Bill Laswell.


08/03/15    Albums

MOD Technologies Adds To Its Incunabula Series - Untaken Path with Hideo Yamaki, Bill Laswell

A coded dialog between acoustic drums and electric bass. Master percussionist, Hideo Yamaki - Japan's premiere drummer, most respected, most recorded, most in demand...without peer.


07/23/15    Albums

Resonance Records Presents Donald Vega's With Respect To Monty

In celebration of the Jamaican jazz icon, Monty Alexander, pianist Donald Vega puts together a hard-swinging compilation of Monty's great, early compositions. With Respect To Monty features an all-star lineup.


06/20/15    Albums

PRAXIS Releases Sound Virus On M.O.D. Technologies w/Buckethead, Bill Laswell, Brain PLUS John Zorn, Mick Harris, Yamatsuka Eye

The core group of virtuoso guitar shredder Buckethead, futurist bassist / producer Bill Laswell and drummer Brain is joined here by legendary composer / saxophonist John Zorn, Mick Harris, and Yamatsuka Eye. The release is part of M.O.D.'s Incunabula Digital...


06/20/15    Albums

Barton Rage & Bill Laswell Present Realm I As Part Of M.O.D. Technologies' Incunabula Digital Series

The "Realm" project is a concept series of albums aimed at connecting ideas that revolutionized popular music from the 80s and 90s onward.


04/20/15    Albums

Bassist-Composer-Producer Lorenzo Feliciati To Release KOI - RareNoise Concept Album Features Japan Drummer Steve Jansen & King Crimson Drummer Pat Mastelotto

A concept album based on the life of the renowned river carp fish, Koi brilliantly showcases Feliciati’s composerly vision while highlighting his considerable chops on fretted and fretless electric basses.


04/20/15    Albums

RareNoise To Release Album "Doctoring The Dead" With Eraldo Bernocchi & Colin Edwin Joined by Ted Parsons and Roy Powell

The vigor and inventiveness which characterized Metallic Taste Of Blood’s first release still sits center stage, a natural outflow with a very wide palette of musical experiences / collaborations and individual talents, spanning an incredibly rich vocabulary...

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