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January/February 2001    Albums

Elements of Poetry
Oskar Aichinger

On Elements of Poetry, pianist Oskar Aichinger, heard with bassist Achim Tang and drummer Paul Skrepek Jun, builds his performances from multiple musical materials. Their performances are less about composition than group dynamics, and Aichinger and company...


January/February 2001    Albums

An Affair With Strauss
Franz Koglmann

On An Affair With Strauss, trumpeter-flugelhornist Franz Koglmann directs the Monoblue Quartet (Tony Coe on clarinet and tenor sax, and one noteworthy vocal; Burkhard Stangl on guitar; and Peter Hubert on bass) and trains their ears on Vienna and the spirit...


January/February 2001    Albums

British-American Blue
Tony Coe/Roger Kellaway

Tony Coe and pianist Roger Kellaway's British-American Blue is a set of improvisations, save for a closing blues free from any preconception. They do a fine job of realizing their aim of finding contrapuntal space to share, though finding touchstones for...


January/February 2001    Albums

A Tree Frog Tonality
John Lindberg Ensemble with Wadada Leo Smith, Larry Ochs, Andrew Cyrille

Bassist John Lindberg takes the honors among this wave of releases. Lindberg opens A Tree Frog Tonality by introducing his ensemble through a set of duets, first with Larry Ochs on sopranino sax; then with Andrew Cyrille on drums and percussion; and finally...


December 2000    Albums


Greek pianist Vassilis Tsabropoulos is the main attraction on Achirana-not in any way to slight the contributions of bassist Arild Andersen or drummer John Marshall. Tsabropoulos' wonderful sense of phrasing borrows from the classical tradition and from...


December 2000    Albums

Sneak Preview
Simon Nabatov Trio

On Sneak Preview, pianist Simon Nabotov demonstrates why his playing has proven so simpatico with Steve Lacy's: a penchant for juxtaposing disparate musical elements, for melodies that scramble across the changes, often using a tritone as a walking stick...


December 2000    Albums

In Search of Emmett Hardy
Chris Kelsey Un-Ironic Quartet

Soprano saxophonist Chris Kelsey's playing pays constant tribute to the masterful Steve Lacy, though he imbues his lines with an intriguing vibrato that will not permit us to confuse the two players and, at the same time, offers just a hint of Sidney Bechet...


November 2000    Albums

Painter's Spring

William Parker holds down the low end on many of the more substantial free-blowing sessions coming out of New York these days. That is, he is a bassist-though the term seems rather limiting in terms of the role that he actually plays. These two releases...


November 2000    Albums

Mayor of Punkville
William Parker and the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

Parker tests his leadership skills in the context of the Little Huey aggregation, which comprises seven stations: trombones (Masahiko Kono, Steve Swell and Alex Lodico); trumpets (Roy Campbell, Richard Rodriguez and Lewis Barnes); baritone sax/tuba (Dave...


November 2000    Albums

Always Pack Your Uniform on Top
Steve Swallow

The evidence indicates that Steve Swallow is a travelin' man: this release was recorded on the road at Ronnie Scott's venerable club in Soho. To call him a journeyman bassist would fall far short of his due: His is an irrepressible musical personality that...


November 2000    Albums

Are We There Yet?
Carla Bley/Steve Swallow

The evidence indicates that Steve Swallow is a travelin' man: this release was recorded on the road in the course of a month's tour of Europe. To call him a journeyman bassist would fall far short of his due: His is an irrepressible musical personality that...


October 2000    Albums

Ali Girl
Larry Schneider Quartet

The open sound of a pianoless rhythm section gives Larry Schneider a wonderful platform for the soprano sax musings that occupy him and engage the listener on this tasty set. His playing offers great facility inflected by a deep-seated sense of melody-his...


September 2000    Albums

Second Step
Andy Scherrer Quartet

Tenor saxophonist Andy Scherrer hails from Switzerland, but there is nothing of the sterile modern in his approach to music. He lists Coltrane, Shorter and Henderson among his influences, with his sound favoring the first two. This, his auspicious debut...


September 2000    Albums

Nomad's Notebook
Andy Middleton

Saxophonist Middleton has assembled a truly stellar band for his third Intuition release. Guitarist and pianist Ralph Towner and bassist Dave Holland pretty much define the soundscapes in which Middleton's compositions unfold-and why not? Their sense of...


July/August 2000    Albums

Nude Bass Ascending
Glen Moore

Open ears will revel in the dialogues that mark this offering from the bassist who came to prominence with the chamber jazz virtuosos Oregon. The program offers two complementary settings for Moore: duets with oud master Rabih Abou-Kahlil, and quartets with...


July/August 2000    Albums

Dave Peck

The appeal of solo work to the jazz pianist surely lies in the challenge of playing all roles for all ears. From Morton and Monk to Tatum and Ellington, Flanagan and Jones to Jarrett and Bley, taking up this challenge has produced astonishing moments of...

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