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About Never in Denver

Never in Denver is a Washington, DC-based modern jazz quartet of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Loosely rooted in conventional jazz, their sound is both accessible and smart, pulling freely from popular music, jam bands, and ECM.

Windmills, Never in Denver’s debut album, includes innovative arrangements of well-known songs alongside band originals. The result is a refreshing mix of color, texture, ambiance, and rhythmic vitality.

Never in Denver is made up of Amanda Olsavsky (vocals), Chris Kennedy (guitar), Posido Vega (bass) and Nucleo Vega (drums).

“This album has a great range,” says drummer Nucleo Vega. “The highs are intense and the lows are mellow. I think we are really coming into our sound. I love the community vibe that went into making this album, working with people who understand and add to what we’re doing.”

Windmills CD
Track Listing:
1) The Clouds Should Know Me By Now 6:38

2) Hide and Seek 4:24

3) Windmills 5:49

4) Where the Streets have no Name 5:22

5) Castle on a Cloud 5:09

6) Solitude 5:02

7) Starry Night 5:05

8) Psalm 61 5:03

9) Stay 4:46

10) Eli,Eli 4:25
Genre: Jazz

Release Date: January 20, 2011

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