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09/19/13    Concerts

Melissa Aldana Wins 2013 Monk Sax Comp

Chilean tenor player tops fierce international competition


09/05/13    JT Notes

Editor Evan Haga Introduces the July-August 2013 Issue

The world on six strings—guitars galore

09/02/13    JT Notes

JT Notes: Editor Evan Haga Introduces the September 2013 Issue

Apolitical, please


08/21/13    Albums

Big Sur
Bill Frisell

Being both prolific and consistently compelling in jazz is a tough trick; it generally requires employing the same personnel and a trademark sound but convincingly reinventing the surrounding context. Guitarist Bill Frisell has managed this feat for about...


08/06/13    Features

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013

Hard-core modern jazz comes to a packed-out Madison Square Garden


08/05/13    Albums

Black Aces
Slobber Pup

A longtime utility player for John Zorn, keyboardist and composer Jamie Saft shares the maestro’s fearless versatility and his willingness to burrow deep into genre. On Chaliwa , the second album by his New Zion Trio, Saft continues to explore the wholly...


07/23/13    Albums

Michael Wolff/Mike Clark
Wolff & Clark Expedition

Pianist Michael Wolff and drummer Mike Clark’s Wolff & Clark Expedition is an interesting case study: This trio’s groove-minded, harmonically savory style is so accessible, yet there aren’t a lot of other bands like it. Being immediately likeable somehow...


06/13/13    JT Notes

Evan Haga Introduces the June 2013 Issue

Bass clarinetworking

05/16/13    Gearhead

The George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier

Fender tastefully revises a modern classic


05/10/13    JT Notes

JT Notes: Editor Evan Haga Introduces the May 2013 Issue

More than jazz: Maria Schneider, Fred Hersch and the concept of concepts


04/16/13    Gearhead

GearHead: New Toys at Winter NAMM 2013

Impressive new gear on display at annual trade show


04/13/13    Concerts

Field Notes: Charles Lloyd @ 75

Ain't nothin' like the real thing


04/12/13    JT Notes

Evan Haga Introduces the April 2013 Issue

Jazz’s Gen X and what lies ahead


03/21/13    Features

Report: New York Winter Jazzfest 2013

New music, new venues and colossal crowds

03/12/13    JT Notes

Editor Evan Haga Introduces the March Issue

Moments of truth


03/01/13    Albums

Just Between Us
The Dale Bruning Trio

Interview Bill Frisell long enough and you’ll probably hear about Dale Bruning, the Colorado-based guitarist from whom he learned his craft as a teenager. (It’s worth noting that Bruning also transformed his pupil’s artistic life by introducing him—literally...

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About Evan Haga


Current JazzTimes editor Evan Haga signed on with the magazine in May of 2006 as an associate editor and spent several years as managing editor. Under his direction, JazzTimes has won the Jazz Journalists Association’s Award for Best Periodical six times. His tasks at the magazine include everything from assigning and editing pieces to photo editing and assisting with design concepts. He also enjoys writing when his editorial gig allows: In addition to clips for JazzTimes, his reviews and profiles have appeared in HARP, Living Blues, the Baltimore Sun and NPR Music. His 2011 JazzTimes article "Night & Day," a comprehensive look at the relationship between jazz and heavy metal, won an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award.

Haga, a graduate of the University of Maryland, lives in Brooklyn. “There are many things about this job I love, but, yeah, the free CDs are my favorite perk,” he says. “Even if they keep my office and home in constant states of disarray.”