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I'm Brazilian. At 14 years old, seeing a sax closely, I felt strongly tempted. I decided then that this tool would be my company and passion for life.
Already participating in the fanfare of the gym Cruzeiro Velho. That's when I expressed to Professor John Luiz Vieira - then master of the Air Force band - my desire to play sax.
- "Come back next week, my son!" he said dryly.
I came back. - And then, a teacher, I learn that instrument?
Again I heard: "Come back next week, my son. " I heard this same expression for five times, until my stubbornness overcame the resistance of the master who several months later, he confessed before the band saying he did not think the student Josivan has any chance of playing.
Well, so what! I was born with cleft lip and palate, struggling to feed me and talk and be understood because it was a slow tongue. As not enough, the problem led to the rupture of the eardrum of the right ear, causing hearing loss. The difficulty was evident.
Until 8 years had operated the lip and palate. 16 to 26 followed the course in Centrinho, hospital Bauru-SP. There were altogether five surgeries of the nose, to breathe better, an ear, lip fistulas and seven years of braces and speech therapy. But do not stop there, though I have suffered the orthognathic. This lowered my jaw and did a bone graft taken from iliac to form the face, where there was no cheeks. They were nine hours of surgery. Stay with her mouth locked for 60 days without speaking and without chewing, taking only liquid.
Between surgeries, after a long period of recovery of them, always went back to studying sax with no intention of ever giving up, but often had been tempted to do so.
A great musician who admired but not had the opportunity to meet him in person was Neall Strand. Two of his instruments were donated my inheritance to me. Thank you Justine and Jasiel. God bless.

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