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06/22/11    Albums

Jazz vocalist Shell Zimet lands on country-radio charts

Veteran New York entertainer Shell Zimet is a little bit country and, well, a little bit rock & roll, a little bit jazz – it’s a list longer than Paris Hilton’s daily receipt at Bloomingdale’s. Such is the musical menu of an astonishingly versatile artist...


06/22/11    Albums

An Interview with Magda Martine

Magda Martine not only sings jazz for a living, but it has been an essential part of her life for decades. In fact, it could be said that jazz has been Martine’s world. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Martine found herself in the enviable position of being...


06/06/11    Albums

Critique: “Heloisando” (CD)

Genre(s): Brazilian jazz URL: http://www.dumeedijkgraaf.com Sometimes the stars are in perfect alignment; beneath the blanket of light and shadow magic is born. The wizardly offspring in this case is Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto’s new album, “Heloisando...


05/18/11    Albums

An Interview with Alexander Iberer

Cupid’s arrow can break as often as it lands safely on its target. In the case of Swedish cellist’s Alexander Iberer’s new EP “Romantic Ballads,” a broken arrow can lead to a mini-masterpiece. From the scorching cello of “Love Letter,” echoing the burning...


05/15/11    Albums

An Interview with Saunders Sermons

Late-night TV icon David Letterman used to have a segment on his talk show wherein audience members would reveal their “brush with greatness,” an incident wherein they ran into someone famous. Trombonist Saunders Sermons (http://www.saunderssermons.com...


05/05/11    Albums

Critique: "Song of Healing" (CD)

Genre(s): Piano Jazz; Easy Listening. URL: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/RichardEisenbergMA To pianist Richard Eisenberg, music is therapy. On his latest album, Song of Healing, Eisenberg finds comfort in the soft-spoken melodies of his piano. The record is hypnotic...


04/24/11    Albums

Critique: "Desires" (CD)

Genre(s): Vocal Jazz; Piano Jazz. URL: http://www.linleyweir.com With the mammoth success of English firebrand Adele, the door is now wide open for British female singers with soul power in their vocals. Originating from West London, England, Linley Weir...


04/22/11    Albums

Critique: "What's Going On...Still..." (CD)

Genre(s): R&B; funk; soul. URL: http://www.michauxmusic.com The ghost of Marvin Gaye continues to haunt the music scene. Ever since his tragic death in 1984, Gaye’s absence left a void in R&B that hasn’t been filled. It’s quite courageous then for...


04/19/11    Albums

Critique: "On Fire" (CD)

Genre(s): Funk; Contemporary Jazz; R&B URL: http://www.plunkyone.com “On Fire” is certainly an apt description for an album in which the artist is exploding with creativity. The musician in question is saxophonist J. Plunky Branch, otherwise known as...


04/05/11    Albums

Critique: "Pensive Moments" (CD)

Genre(s): Piano Jazz URL: http://www.bettyliste.com Ironically, for an album entitled "Pensive Moments," its highlight is anything but pensive. On her version of Thelonious Monk’s “Well You Needn’t,” pianist Betty Liste offers some of her most inspired...


03/01/11    Albums

Critique: "New Beginnings" (CD)

Genre(s): Vocal Jazz; Piano Jazz URL: http://bruleesonomacounty.com Cole Porter, meet Mick Jagger. Given the slight similarities in their titles, combining Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” with the Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb” would seem to...


02/19/11    Albums

Critique: "Permanent Magic" (CD)

Genre(s): Dixieland Jazz; Swing; Blues. URL: http://thebluevipersofbrooklyn.com When the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn sing “Happy Trails” at the end of their new album “Permanent Magic,” it doesn’t come across as an ending; rather, it’s merely the beginning...


02/15/11    Albums

Critique: "Silent Words" (CD)

Genre(s): Smooth Jazz URL: http://www.web.me.com/thomasfrykberg Thomas Frykberg is anything but silent. In fact, nearly every track on “Silent Words” is bustling; listening to it is like walking into a highway of instruments. Frykberg doesn’t create music...


02/11/11    Albums

Critique: "Whatever Possessed Me" (CD)

Genre(s): Vocal Jazz; Latin Jazz. URL: http://www.emiliavancini.com The power in Emilia Vancini’s music emanates from her voice. In “Il Nostro Concerto,” Vancini’s husky, soulfully rich vocals soar through the heavens. It is a voice that is made for large...


02/09/11    Albums

Critique: "Dawning and Daylight" (CD)

Genre(s): Vocal Jazz; Latin Jazz. URL: http://joelshapira.com “Dawning and Daylight” is the kind of album that should be released on vinyl. It has that Southern roots feel to it, offering a slice of Americana that most contemporary jazz recordings eschew...


02/08/11    Albums

Critique: "Moods" (CD)

Genre(s): Contemporary Jazz; Piano Jazz. URL: http://www.thefemalejazzart.com The Austrian duo the Female Jazz Art is tearing down a wall that has afflicted the jazz scene for decades, namely the boys’ club atmosphere that has excluded women from taking...

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