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November 2005    Artist Profiles

Scott Amendola: Belief Systems

Scott Amendola's latest album is called Believe (Cryptogramophone), but the Oakland-based drummer has been making dedicated converts for more than a decade now. Since first gaining national attention with Charlie Hunter in the mid-1990s, Amendola has established...


November 2005    Artist Profiles

Dylan van der Schyff: Toys R Him

Like any great drummer, Dylan van der Schyff never rushes the music. A creative force on Canada's West Coast improvised music scene for the past decade, he recently released the first album organized under his own name. Featuring reed master Michael Moore...


November 2005    Artist Profiles

John Hollenbeck and the Claudia Quintet: Claudia's Main Man

While John Hollenbeck doesn't think of himself as a jazz drummer, he's one of the most inventive percussionists involved in the music, a bandleader who is actively expanding jazz's possibilities with his various ensembles. In a career marked by a deep commitment...


November 2005    News

Dave Douglas and Fatty Arbuckle: Keystone Cop

Dave Douglas has a soft spot for the abused and forgotten. Couple that with the trumpeter's passion for innovators and creative mavericks, and perhaps it was inevitable that he was drawn to Fatty Arbuckle, one of the greatest stars of the golden age of silent...


July/August 2005    Artist Profiles

Bill Tapia: Uke's Duke

Bill Tapia may very well be the oldest active musician in the United States. Born in 1908 in Honolulu, Tapia remembers playing his ukulele for American doughboys heading off to fight in World War I. But what's amazing about this 97-year-old isn't so much...


July/August 2005    Artist Profiles

Mark Masters: Unearthing the Masters

Mark Masters has a gift for finding jazz treasures hiding in plain sight. Over the past 15 years, the Southern California-based arranger has carved out a unique niche, developing programs for the Mark Masters Ensemble built around the work of neglected improvisers...


June 2005    Features

Miguel Zenon: El Compositor

This Puerto Rican native looks to the rural music of his homeland on his new Marsalis Music CD. Andrew Gilbert tells us why the alto saxophonist is poised to enter the compositional big leagues.

May 2005    News

Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith: Yo, Prince of Darkness!

Henry Kaiser, the globe-trotting guitarist best known for his far-flung world-music collaborations, and Wadada Leo Smith, the sagacious trumpeter and composer with roots in Chicago's AACM, might seem like an odd couple. But they've found fertile common ground...

January/February 2005    Hearsay

Maria Marquez

Maria Marquez is expanding the parameters of Latin jazz. With her luminous, cellolike timbre and supple rhythmic phrasing, the vocalist has painstakingly built her repertoire out of classic Latin American ballads, Brazilian standards and a vast treasure...

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