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January/February 2007    Artist Profiles

The Heath Brothers: Brotherly Jazz

Brotherly Jazz, the engaging and insightful 70-minute documentary DVD exploring the lives and careers of remarkable siblings Tootie, Jimmy and Percy Heath, almost collapsed before it ever got off the ground. Danny Scher, who made a mint as vice president...


December 2006    News

Larry Harlow: Salsa's Second Coming

Keyboardist and composer Larry Harlow was present at the birth of Fania Records, so it seems apt that the label’s revival has breathed new life into his career. At its peak in the mid-1970s, Fania was a global force that turned salsa into an international...


December 2006    Features

Harold Mabern and Eric Alexander: Getting Schooled

Seventy-year-old pianist Harold Mabern’s talents have long been sought by many popular bandleaders, but he’s remained committed to protégé Eric Alexander. Andrew Gilbert investigates one of the most fruitful partnerships in mainstream jazz.


November 2006    Artist Profiles

Slammin: Six Slamma Jammas

Keith Terry starts a groove with an elaborate series of resounding heel clicks, hollow-toned chest thumps, tom-tom foot stomps and sandpaper hand rubs. When he’s joined by Steve Hogan, the master beatboxer ornaments the rhythm with a stuttering figure and...


October 2006    Artist Profiles

Jake Shimabukuru: Ukelele Virtuoso Makes Waves

Jake Shimabukuro may be the first jazz musician to gain a pop following via the Internet sensation, which makes streaming video instantly available. Aptly situated on a rocky outcropping in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields, the Hawaiian-born...

07/11/06    Concerts

Montreal International Jazz Festival 2006

Montreal vibrates in the summer. When the sun finally comes out and the mercury gets stuck in the sweaty 80-degree range, the pent-up energy of three million souls who have survived another long, arctic winter finds delirious release, and the city positively...


July/August 2006    Artist Profiles

Tammy Hall: Divine Piano

Pianist Tammy Hall has spent the past decade as one of the Northern California’s most sought-after accom-panists, providing soulful support for many of the region’s best jazz and blues singers. With Blue Divine, her new release on the Elfenworks label, Hall...


June 2006    Artist Profiles

Liquid Soul: Fighting Back

After two years out of the gym, Liquid Soul is back and fighting trim. The Chicago-based ensemble, which helped pioneer acid jazz in the early 1990s, returns with its fifth album, One-Two Punch (Telarc), a dense sonic uppercut to the solar plexus. Led by...

05/30/06    Concerts

Sonoma Jazz Festival 2006

California’s wine country has turned into an economic and enological powerhouse by pursuing two complimentary strategies. While some wineries concentrate on marketing good, relatively inexpensive wines for the masses, others focus on creating rich, heady...


May 2006    Features

Mimi Fox: Drop In

Long embraced in New York and the Bay Area, Mimi Fox is a rising star on the national scene as well.


January/February 2006    Artist Profiles

Jean-Michel Pilc: Rocket Man

No one knows better than Jean-Michel Pilc that playing jazz isn't rocket science. The pianist graduated from France's leading telecommunications research university, a degree that led to a four-year gig in the mid-1980s as a scientist with the French space...


January/February 2006    Artist Profiles

Mark Murphy: Always the Beat Generation

Dressed entirely in black, jazz's eternal hipster Mark Murphy slumps into a thick upholstered chair in the green room of the North Beach club Jazz at Pearl's, San Francisco's leading spot for the music. He looks exhausted, and his back is aching after his...

January/February 2006    Artist Profiles

Mike Marshall: Braziliance

It may not be a clinical diagnosis, but Mike Marshall has an acute case of Brazil on the brain. The master string player has spent much of the past five years exploring various aspects of the South American nation's vast treasure trove of music styles and...


December 2005    Artist Profiles

Jenny Scheinman: String Thing

For the past 15 years Jenny Scheinman has been at the center of jazz's string renaissance, first in the San Francisco Bay Area and since 1999 in New York City. Both as a bandleader who has recorded a series of increasingly confident albums featuring original...

December 2005    Artist Profiles

Mamadou Diabate: Malian, Way Cool

Malian kora master Mamadou Diabate is a long way from home, but he has had little trouble making himself comfortable in American musical settings. As his surname indicates, Diabate was born into an illustrious family of griots, or jelis as they are known...


December 2005    Features

Dee Dee Bridgewater: Le Lush Life

The captivating vocalist’s latest CD is a love letter to France, but after years of living abroad Dee Dee Bridgewater is happy to be home again. Andrew Gilbert reports.

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