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January/February 2011    Overdue Ovation

Barry Harris: Teacher Man

There’s nothing like a first love, a consuming passion that burns so brightly it casts a glow over the rest of your life. For Barry Harris, lightning struck the first time he sat in with Charlie Parker. More than six decades later, the pianist seems to recall...


December 2010    Features

Antonio Sanchez: The Conquering Hero

Since moving to the States from Mexico City in 1993, Antonio Sanchez has emerged as one of jazz’s foremost rhythmists: a “dream drummer” to Pat Metheny, Gary Burton and others, and a superb bandleader


11/22/10    Overdue Ovation

Mary Stallings: The Best-kept Secret in Vocal Jazz

Andrew Gilbert profiles the soulful jazz singer from the Bay area


July/August 2010    Overdue Ovation

Philip Catherine: Overdue Ovation

Andrew Gilbert profiles legendary European jazz guitarist who has often been overlooked in the U.S.


05/12/10    News

A Great Night in San Francisco

Andrew Gilbert on SFJAZZ Gala recently held in San Francisco

December 2009    Before & After

Before & After with Jackie Ryan

Since the release of her first CD in 2000, Bay Area singer Jackie Ryan has won an avid following with a series of increasingly confident albums showcasing her big, lustrous voice, deft sense of swing and polyglot repertoire. The daughter of a Mexican mother...

October 2009    Features

America Gypsy: Django Reinhardt’s legend looms enormous.

Coming Soon!


May 2009    Overdue Ovation

Ernestine Anderson: A Strong Second Act

The story of rock ’n’ roll is usually told as a triumphant march, a populist victory for exuberant kids over the forces of repression and cultural conformity. But the rock revolution, particularly the second wave spearheaded by the British Invasion, also...


06/20/08    Concerts

23rd Annual TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival

A weekend at the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival can feel like a whirlwind jet-setting adventure, a dizzying sprint through some of the music’s most exciting redoubts. If it’s noon at the Roundhouse this must be Amsterdam. Or Lisbon...


May 2008    Features

The Israeli Jazz Wave: Promised Land to Promised Land

Israel is always in the headlines, and the news is invariably bad. The plight of the Palestinians, apocalyptic threats from Iran’s president, suicide bombings and rumors of war generate a constant current of anxiety that radiates around the globe. But when...

December 2007    At Home

Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson loves the simple life. Golfing. Fishing. Chopping wood. Hanging with his family. Playing ballads at sensuously slow tempos. He’s always been among the most physical of vibraphonists, often delivering notes with a flourish of body English...


November 2007    Artist Profiles

Dee Dee Bridgewater: Finding Africa

When vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater first landed in Mali, she was greeted as a long-lost relative. Literally. Upon leaving the airport in the capital of Bamako, she was accosted by an older man, and when she couldn’t understand what he was saying he just grew...


October 2007    Artist Profiles

Fred Katz: Freak Folk

Given the title, one could be forgiven for dismissing Folk Songs for Far Out Folk as an Eisenhower-era goof. But Fred Katz, the first jazz cellist to explore the instrument’s potential for bowed improvisation, was utterly serious about the 1958 project...


September 2007    Features

Clint Eastwood: Mise En Swing

If jazz had a few more champions like Clint Eastwood, the music’s status in America’s cultural firmament would be much less tenuous. Then again, as an iconic actor and Oscar-winning director and producer, Eastwood is sui generis. And so is his broad commitment...


June 2007    Artist Profiles

Andy Narell: Man of Steel

Andy Narell is a master of collaboration who has turned virtuosity on the steel drums into an international musical passport. But when it came to creating his most ambitious recording yet, Narell decided to go it alone. Tatoom, his new album on Heads Up...


June 2007    Features

Joshua Redman: Playing Through the Changes

From his first confident step onto the national stage with his triumph at the 1991 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition, he soloed with preternatural maturity, improvising with a beguiling blend of recklessness and poise. Off the bandstand...

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