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About Ryan Fisher


Ryan Fisher is a graduate of the Musician's Institute School of Music Business. His experience with music and the music industry ranges from his high school Choral, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Competition Band experience to his career as an independent-jazz performing acoustic artist/percussionist and studio drummer to a more recent internship with a Music Licensing Firm in Los Angeles, California.

As a Professional Musician- Drums, Guitar, and Commercial Voice are Ryan's passion. He has studied with and taken master-classes from globally recognized artists/mentors such as Derico Watson, Dom Famularo, Rene Grant Williams, and Jessica Ford. The massive symphony of concepts, techniques, methods, philosophies, and work ethics that Ryan was fortunate enough to learn at a young age have been combined, rearranged, and improved upon; the cumulative inspiration each instructor provided compels Ryan to transfer, in a single package, his knowledge to other young aspiring musicians. Currently, Ryan works as a private instructor for Percussion, Guitar, and Voice. As a member, Ryan attends PASIC to spread new ideas and techniques with some of the world’s top drummers, industry professionals, and teachers. He looks forward to attending NAMM and other conventions. Ryan also volunteers to perform clinics at Elementary, Junior-high, and High School summer music camps to further the advancement of music education.

Aside from personal music study, Ryan pursued Juilliard for the Bachelors in Jazz Studies Percussion program, but noticed greater opportunity for his specific music career elsewhere. Ryan attended Belmont School of Music- Nashville, TN - for a Bachelors in Percussion and Voice in 2009. While at Belmont, Ryan realized the importance of understanding the Music Business, which led him to Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA- one of the top Music Business programs.

Ryan is a Jazz-o-holic and Audiophile/Recording artist. Ryan emphasizes and appreciates: true quality and excellence in all form, a will to develop a deep understanding, and educated, positive, logical hypotheses. In accordance, Ryan constantly seeks personal advancement of an unbiased respect for all forms from Jazz to metal; Ryan sees all music as an art of expression subjectively judged by the listener, whose single opinion is not necessarily indicative of what another listener might hear. His more recent listening revolves around Jazz and Classical, because he sees these genres as the innovator for more than 90% of genres that exist today. In his recent research in the field of high quality audio, he has found an interest and passion for holophonic recording and .Wav 32-bit Lossless files.

Today, Ryan studies Business and is preparing to attend the USC Entrepreneurship programs. He plans to follow his degree with an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is extremely involved in tennis training and anticipates his ambitions of playing NCAA Division 1 tennis for USC.

Ryan’s philosophy is a complex yet minimalistic approach that resembles “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi. He seeks to form relationships with intellectuals, break competition, and learn as much as he can from others in all fields of study.

Edit: Another good one: "If you don't know all the information, will your life fall apart? No. It will simply pass you by."

Ryan Fisher joined the JazzTimes community on Dec 05, 2010