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Name: Phil Borrero Date of Birth:08/10/1954
Home Phone: 512-203-4161 Work: n/a Cell: 512-577-9180
Primary Instrument: Trumpet Doubles Trombone
Instrument is: Amplified: _____ Acoustic__X__
Own PA System? Yes___ No_X___

Main Style Played (check only one): Rock and Roll ____, R&B___ Blues___ Big Band ____ Jazz___ C&W___ Top 40___ Classical ___ Dixieland ___ Hard Rock ___ Folk ___ , Tejano ____ Bluegrass ___ Soul ___ Funk ___ Swing ___ Reggae ___ , Classic Rock ___ , Easy Listening ___ Cajun ___ Latin__X___ Gospel____ Variety____ (please do not check unless you are competent in at least 6 different styles) Other:____________________________________________________

Other Styles Played (check all that apply): Rock and Roll ___ R&B _X__ Blues _X__
Big Band ___ Jazz _X_ C&W ___ Soul _X__ Funk _X__ Swing _X__ Reggae ___ , Classic Rock ___ ,
Easy Listening ___ Cajun ___ Top 40 ___ Classical ___ Dixieland ___ Hard Rock ___ Folk ___ Tejano _X__ Bluegrass ___ Latin_____ Other: ________________________________

Vocal Ability: Lead____ Backup __X__ None___
Please Describe Your Vocals (tenor, soprano, etc.): Style: Tenor
Reading Ability: Excellent___ Good__X_ Fair___ None___
Previous Experience: Clubs _X__ Concerts __X_ Symphonic ___ Tours __X_ Studio _X__ Theatre ___ Other ____
Bands Performed With: Tiburon Salsa Band, Ruben Ramos, Little Joe, Dysfunkshun Junction, The Brew, Grupo Fantasma, W.C. Clark, The Boogaloos, Gabe Nieto, Trio4mas.

Job Availability: Full Time__X_ Part time_X__
Interested in a Steady Group? Yes_X__ No ___
Willing to: Rehearse: Yes_X_ No__ Audition: Yes_X_ No__
Relocate: Yes_X_ No__ Travel: Yes_X_ No__

What Group(s) Are you Currently Performing With? Tiburon Salsa Band, Trio4mas Latin Jazz, Gabe Nieto, The Brew,
Other Requirements/Preferences/Comments: I also play minor hand percussion such as clave, multi purpose guiro, tambourine and handheld cowbell.

PHIL BORRERO joined the JazzTimes community on Nov 23, 2010