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Pete was never a recording musician in his own right. Instead he worked for many years as a gigging Guitar and Bass player, on a local UK circuit. This consisted of the usual format some laid back music for dinner then anything from St Bernards waltz through to popular music for dance, cabaret, etc, in Hotels & Bars ( Who Hasn't Done This To Eat?), also club jazz work mainly in small groups trio, quartet. He also worked as a relief player for 2 local agents (life on the edge but fun) backing off somewhat in the 90's to spend more time with the family playing just the occasional gig.In 2001 a drunk driver decided he should be in retirement for a while ( Perhaps He didn't play his request or let him sing "My Way" - I'm not sure!) Anyway!!! Music having helped buy his home, Pete is now enjoying time with family and friends, has a small business that pays the bills so really fortunate. Through this present incarnation he does meet a lot of younger players so can advise and impart some of his experience and get involved in their projects which is pretty cool. He would however love to experience that special connection with an audience and other players again, and is slowly making progress toward that goal. As Pete says, "I won't be good enough to out full time but it would be "amazing" just to have another bite of the musical cherry and be there occasionally playing again"

Peter Oliver joined the JazzTimes community on Nov 18, 2010