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07/11/10    Albums

Misunderstanding Tristano: the trend continues

The Scott/Tristano collaboration during the late 60s & early 70s has bemused some jazz commentators. Perhaps a litttle gentle polemic might help to assimilate this unique and precious recording into consciousness of the devotee of the evergreen. Then...

07/03/10    Albums

Charlie Haden's Quartet West/'Haunted Heart'

Haden's music always transcends stylistic constraints without yielding to gimmickery

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About Ralph Brooker

Philosopher/writer based in France (English born)

Principal Musical tastes:

Lester Young lineage
Much ECM output (inc. ECM new series)
Currently discovering (and delighting in) the French jazz scene: the Texiers, Stephan Oliva, Sclavis, Christophe Marguet, Michel Portal...quel prodigieux talent! Wow


Analysing Tristano's music and ethos
Writing a pièce on ECM's tendency to reconstruct jazz history!
Amateur pianist preoccupied with studying the Tristano répertoire.


Probably come across as a cantankerous old bore with a Tristano fixation. So be it'

Earliest formative memory?

Listening to the Tristano sextet (Capitol records) when 5 years old. My Dad had the original 78s. I have them framed on my wall.

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