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October 2004    Fused


Particle's debut, Launchpad (Or Music), fits into the imaginary category the band dubs "Space Porn." (Roll eyes here.) The opening title track certainly bears hallmarks of porn soundtracks (of which I have much firsthand knowledge): chikka-wah guitar flourishes...


October 2004    Fused

Known Unknown
Vernon Reid and Masque

Living Colour never meant squat to me. The only Vernon Reid project that's impressed this writer is Yohimbe Brothers' Front End Lifter, his 2002 electronic-funk opus with DJ Logic. Most of the crew from that work returns as an entity called Masque for Known...


October 2004    Fused

Heaven and Hell

Lazy-ass bassist/producer Bill Laswell has yet a new project, Shine. It features outrageous guitarist/Praxis bandmate Buckethead and Shin Terai, a sound collagist who's recorded as Chaos Face for Laswell's old Subharmonic imprint. (Guitarist Nicky Skopelitis...


October 2004    Fused

Slow Breath Silent Mind
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

On the live album Slow Breath, Silent Mind (Kufala), Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey tackles such classics as Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood," Thelonious Monk's "Off Minor," John Coltrane's "Central Park West," Wayne Shorter's "Prince of Darkness" as well...


October 2004    Fused


The Austrian trio Radian seemingly strives to make the most arid, sterile music of any group in recording history. I respect that kind of ambition. Radian deploys drums, vibes, bass and analog and digital synths to create attenuated, cantankerous instrumentals...


October 2004    Fused

Phase 2
Mahavishnu Project

As grandiose tributes go, Mahavishnu Project's Phase 2 (Aggregate) gushes a love supreme. There's no disputing drummer and Project leader Gregg Bendian's devotion and surrender to John McLaughlin & Co.'s awe-inspiring jazz-rock milestones The Inner Mounting...


September 2004    Albums

Blue Note Revisited
Various Artists

Jazz record-company marketing departments smell death. Panicked by the spectacle of their core fan base dying, they scramble to snag the much-coveted 18 to 34 demo. Ergo, these suits recruit a raft of hip-hop and electronica producers to infuse youthful...


July/August 2004    Albums

Nothing Stays the Same
DJ Wally

DJ Wally made his name creating whimsical downtempo funk and drum 'n' bass speckled with absurd and ominous samples. He may be the only producer to have used Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" in a track ("Smoke," off 2001's The Creepy Crawlies). It also...


June 2004    Albums

High Water (Mark)

New Yorker Jaime "EL-P" Meline is best known for his bombastic, psychedelic hip-hop productions and virulent rapping for Company Flow as well as his career as a solo artist for his Def Jux label. For pianist Matthew Shipp's Blue Series, the caustic MC/producer...


January/February 2004    Features

Wayne Horvitz: American Bandstand

This prolific keyboardist lights up the Seattle-area jazz, new music, improv, jam-band and classical worlds, but he swears he’s not eclectic. Dave Segal tries to pin down Wayne Horvitz. Good luck.

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