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01/14/13    Albums

Will Goble's "Some Stories Tell No Lies" is a certified TRUTH

Will Goble oozes a relaxed confidence both when performing with his bass and when engaging an audience. Truly at ease behind the bass, Goble’s personality can’t hide his jubilance of making music. His excitement is contagious, infects his band mates and...


11/01/12    Albums

Chris Walters – “Yay! Everybody Yay!” has Musitude, complete with an enticing invitation to LISTEN

Chris Walters' release “Yay! Everybody Yay!” has Musitude. What? Yes, Music with Attitude! Musitude oozes confidence and cares not so much of the response. Musitude is happy in its “AS IS” state. Outside comments are nice, but never the reason for existence...


09/07/12    Albums

Gordon Vernick’s latest release “Destination” is also about the journey. Hang on for a ride worth taking!

Quickly, jump on board. With his latest release titled "Destination", Dr. Gordon Vernick, trumpeter, composer, arranger, education and jazz historian has delivered another stellar recording. One thing for certain with a Vernick project is that many musical...


04/23/12    Albums

Beegie Adair Trio "The Real Thing - Live" catches lightning in a bottle!

During her regular Thursday night performance in the Green Hills section of Nashville, Beegie Adair casually turned to the audience and commented “Well, up until now, we have not recorded the trio live. After releasing over thirty studio recordings and performing...


04/02/12    Albums

Kat Edmonson’s “Way Down Low” is top shelf music to be felt AND heard.

Kat Edmonson’s new release ‘Way Down Low” beams with the understated personality that is the artist herself. Engulfed in a strong, sincere “now that I have your attention, this is who I am, this is what I am about” attitude, “Way Down Low” is subtly hypnotic...

02/23/12    Community Articles

CONCERT PREVIEW – Coming home again – Jazz Pianist and Composer, Ted Howe returns to Atlanta to perform his “Suite for Jazz Orchestra” on March 9th, 2012, 8pm in Conant Performing Arts Center at Oglethorpe University

Jazz Orchestra Atlanta will perform this original composition as musical homecoming for Mr. Howe, a 40 year Atlanta resident and jazz legend.

02/17/12    Community Articles

My "Jerry McGuire" letter to the Jazz community: Why does Jazz continue to be the “Buggy Whip” of the Music industry?

There was a time when horses provided the main mode of transportation. Whether on saddle, pulling a stage coach or other contraption for hauling general goods, horses helped get people and materials to the destination faster and more efficiently than the...


01/21/12    Albums

CD- Review "Hippy Dance" Pat Bergeson

Pat Bergeson is certainly a household name in his musical circles. In the world of harmonica and guitar, Mr. Bergeson is one of the staples. His skills are like the few spices in every good chef’s kitchen. The ones which make ordinary dishes great and take...


01/10/12    Albums

Jessie Davis breaks out the stylistic bag of tricks with her latest CD “Him and I Gemini.”

Aspiring artists do it all the time. Actors, dancers and musicians alike move to New York from all over the world to make their mark on the world. Composer, Vocalist Jessie Davis is no exception. Having cut her teeth in the Atlanta music scene, Ms. Davis...


12/18/11    Albums

With Christian Tamburr’s “Places” CD, listen and escape to wherever you want to go!

Composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Christian Tamburr has mastered the art of musical communication, expression and creativity. Without the luxury of vocals, instrumentalists must rely on a pallet of notes, rhythms, sounds and phrasing to tell...


08/24/11    Albums

Bruce Dudley - Mostly Monk - CD Review

Taking a musical risk is akin to “running with scissors.” One slip, stumble or fall can cause unpleasant results. Let’s get this straight. Pianist and composer, Bruce Dudley could be content at his University teaching posts in Nashville, TN, teaching students...


08/10/11    Albums

Jacob Deaton

Original, fresh and worth a serious listen, Jacob Deaton delivers his freshman release entitled “Tribulation”. This crisp, clean, frontal attack gives us a tease of Mr. Deaton's talents with his six track EP that leaves the listener begging for more. Right...


07/21/11    Albums

Melvin Jones makes a nice move with "Pivot"

Melvin Jones defines the title of his first solo recording “Pivot” as “to turn our focus in various directions without losing the original position”. Is this art imitating life or the other way around? Over the years, Mr. Jones has faithfully taken the musical...


07/12/11    Albums

Review of "Time Gone By" Mace Hibbard's latest CD

A trip to the mailbox is rarely described as a “highlight” of the day. However when an unexpected gem arrives, the mood of the day can suddenly turn from mundane to extraordinary. Last week, the mail carrier delivered one of those yellow padded envelops...

07/07/11    Community Articles

Kat Edmonson "Take to the Sky"

Ms. Edmonson is a modern day vocal version of Mr. Getz. She is a song whisperer. Like the horse whispers who train the wild stallions with a gentle, confident command, she captures the listener with deft voice control often slightly above audible yet always...


07/07/11    Albums

CD Review of Annie Sellick's "Street of Dreams"

Annie Sellick shines in full force on “Street of Dreams.” After taking some time to explore the swing band genre with her group “Annie and the Hot Club,” she hits the jazz scene hard. GAME ON! As with all previous recordings, Ms. Sellick throws herself completely...

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