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About William Middleton

William started out with piano lessons at the age of 9, like many children his age. Though, he didn't do well with the lessons, nor did he like them much. He never even learned how to read sheet music. After a few months, he stopped taking lessons.

He never played another instrument until his sophomore year in high school. He was taking general music class, which required everyone to play recorder. William excelled in recorder, so much that the teacher suggested that he join the marching band at the school. He joined not only marching band, but jazz band as well.

When asked what instrument he wanted to play, he shyly mentioned the clarinet. Instead, the band director suggested trumpet, seeing that there was a shortage in either band. After a short lesson on how to make sound, he started teaching himself the wonderful instrument, and delved into the great world of music.

He now plays in the jazz band at the University of Pittsburgh, and proudly plays trumpet, flugelhorn, chromatic harmonica, alto & soprano recorder, didgeridoo, and yes- slide whistle.

William Middleton joined the JazzTimes community on May 29, 2010