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04/13/12    Concerts

2012 Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Jazz and plenty of pop at this sold-out South African fest


04/12/12    Albums

Jeremy Pelt

This intimate, confident disc worms its way into your head. Trumpeter Jeremy Pelt’s sixth album is an understated affair showcasing supple songwriting, a persuasive way with a phrase and the expert interplay of the band he has led over his past four albums...


03/27/12    Albums

Per Sempre
Eddie Gomez Quintet

Bass player Eddie Gomez weaves a centered, pensive tapestry on this intimate, personal album. An exercise in empathy and implication, Per Sempre is deeply romantic and warm. The tunes, all melodic if not all equally memorable, span Gomez’s “Pops and Alma”...


03/20/12    Albums

All Ya Needs That Negrocity
Burnt Sugar

You have to stretch your vocabulary to parse All Ya Needs That Negrocity , the pointedly titled 12th album from Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber. Burnt Sugar is the sprawling, tribal band Village Voice writer Greg Tate (on guitar, lyrics and laptop) and...


02/26/12    Albums

Route De Frères
Andrew Cyrille & Haitian Fascination

The core of this lucid, invigorating disc is the title triptych, a musical walk along the brotherhood road of Haiti, drummer Andrew Cyrille’s spiritual homeland. Paced by the burly baritone sax of Hamiet Bluiett and spiced by the pointillistic acoustic guitar...


01/10/12    Albums

Hearts Wide Open
Gilad Hekselman

Carlo Wolff reviews the Israeli guitarist's new release


01/10/12    Albums

Celestial Circle
Marilyn Mazur

Paced by the gallant, round piano of John Taylor, the austere mezzo-soprano of Josefine Cronholm and Anders Jormin’s space-carving bass, percussionist-composer Marilyn Mazur explores diverse territory on these pellucid 14 tracks. Each member of the band—also...


01/03/12    Albums

Goldberg Variations/ Variations (J.S. Bach/Tepfer)
Dan Tepfer

Carlo Wolff reviews Dan Tepfer's ambitious 'Goldberg Variations'


12/26/11    Albums

The Common Thread
Chuck Redd

Chuck Redd is a deft, subtle vibraphonist who surrounds himself with equally talented and experienced musicians. He’s the equivalent of a midlist author: no blockbuster but dependable and reassuring. The Common Thread is enjoyable for its skillful blend...


12/12/11    Albums

Labyrinth: Live Solo Piano
Denny Zeitlin

Carlo Wolff reviews Denny Zeitlin's solo piano release, 'Labyrinth'


11/17/11    Albums

Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)
Darius Jones Trio

Sibilance, onomatopoeia, drawing a fine if sometimes smeared line between the serrated and the silken—all figure into Big Gurl , the equally earthy and avant-garde sophomore effort from the Darius Jones Trio. Sparked by the sonically unpredictable alto saxophone...


11/14/11    Albums

Nights on Earth
Vince Mendoza

Vince Mendoza’s freshly textured Nights on Earth testifies to this Renaissance man’s ability to meld different musical cultures. “Everything Is You” is a Latin roundelay; “Lullaby” is grave chamber music; the brooding “Otono” is scalloped, Alan Pasqua’s...


10/20/11    Albums

Joy Luck
Peter Erskine New Trio

Texture is all on Joy Luck , a fine recording that introduces the versatile Vardan Ovsepian on keyboards and arrangements. Buttressed by Erskine’s nephew Damian on bass, this set sparkles, shimmers, provokes and delights. Each of the 11 tracks tells a story...


10/09/11    Albums

Snuck Out
David Weiss & Point of Departure

A live date with one studio track, Snuck Out is the sequel to Snuck In, a recording of a first set trumpeter Weiss’ quintet laid down at the Jazz Standard in late March 2008. This is a document of that same night’s second set, and it features a quintet focused...


09/03/11    Albums

Liam Sillery

Too much head and not enough heart inform trumpeter Liam Sillery’s fifth outing on OA2. It’s not an easy album to warm up to. Nevertheless, along the way, the smartly tailored Priorité pushes some interesting and engaging intellectual buttons. It’s an angular...


08/30/11    Albums

Tommy Smith

Everything about Karma , Tommy Smith’s new group and album, is good. Produced to an attention-grabbing level of bash and pop, Karma is exciting, and the veteran Scottish saxophonist never lacks for inspiration. Whether Smith is playing the Japanese bamboo...

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