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05/05/12    Albums

Cd Review: Alex Diaz – Beyond 145th Street

Dominican Republic is not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about Jazz, even though one of the best jazz pianist in the last couple of decades is from this country, of course I am talking about Michel Camilo. And Jazz, a music style born...


05/05/12    Albums

CD Review: Carlos Jimenez – Red Tailed Hawk

I have been following Carlos Jimenez career for couple years now, and wrote reviews for his two previous albums, El Flautista (The Flutist) and Thoughts. Both albums were totally different in style, a distinct latin flavor in El Flautista mellowed down with...


05/04/12    Concerts

Ponce International Jazz Festival: 4/27-29/12

Wilbert Sostre reports from festival in Puerto Rico


04/10/12    Concerts

The Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest: March 29 - April 1,2012

Wilbert Sostre reports on performances at recent jazz festival in San Juan


03/11/12    Albums

CD Review: Conrado Paulino - Wrong Way

Everytime I talk to my friend Conrado Paulino, I refer to him as a Master Musician. Because that's what he is, a truly Master musician and guitar player. There is no over playing or shortage of notes with him. When listening to Paulino's guitar you got the...


03/11/12    Albums

CD Review: Bluzero - Estoy Libre

Bluzero is, as far as I know, the only group in Puerto Rico dedicated to play blues exclusively. But not any kind of blues, this is latin blues with spanish lyrics. Some of the songs like "Alegria Artificial", "Juego de ninos", "La vida es dura" lean towards...


03/11/12    Albums

CD Review: Huazzteco and Huazzteco - Xilitla

The Huazzteco project is an unusual fusion of jazz with Mexican folk music. A wonderful idea by mexican pianist Samuel Martinez Herrera. Graduated from the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico, where he studied and played with some of the best jazz musicians...


03/10/12    Albums

CD Review: Gabriel Vicéns – Point in Time

It is hard to believe just by listening to Point in Time, that Gabriel Vicéns just graduated two years ago from the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico and this is his debut album. Vicéns shows in his music a maturity well beyond his age, all the compositions...


01/11/12    Albums

CD Review: The New World Jazz Composers Octet - Breaking News

Breaking News is the third album of The New World Jazz Composers Octet. Founded in 2000 by saxophonist Daniel Ian Smith the octet was originally a vehicle for a concert series Smith was running entitled Jazz in the Sanctuary. The new release marks the third...


01/09/12    Albums

CD Review: Hendrik Meurkens - Live at Bird's Eye

Recorded live at Bird's Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland, the new release by German vibraphone and harmonica player Hendrik Meurkens is without a doubt one of the best albums of 2011. Crisp music, full of intensity and emotions, Meurkens and his group...


01/09/12    Albums

CD Review: Duduka Da Fonseca plays Toninho Horta

Instrumental interpretations of popular songs usually have the insipid taste of what people call elevator music, and in the best of cases of poor quality smooth jazz. But Duduka Da Fonseca is not an ordinary instrumentalist. Da Fonseca, in the words of Toninho...


01/03/12    Albums

CD Review: Neil Cowley Trio - Radio Silence

Music with original concepts, limitless imagination and high energy, that is Radio Silence, the second album from London Neil Cowley Trio.. Their music can be classified as fusion jazz, but it is really more than that. London born pianist Neil Cowley studied...


01/03/12    Albums

CD Review: Kate Reid - The Love I'm In

Just a few seconds into Kate Reid new album The Love I'm In, are enough to see why she is considered one of the best jazz singers out of California. Reid tone is similar to modern jazz singers like Diana Krall but her soulful style and marvelous phrasing...


01/03/12    Albums

CD Review: Jackson Garrett - Let Sleeping Dog Lie

Jackson Garrett is a creative composer who has the ability to borrow from different music styles to create a unique and interesting sound. Garrett has a strong command of the jazz language "High Time", but his music also contains influences of rock, "Let...


01/03/12    Albums

CD Review: Axel's Axiom - Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense is the debut album of the German born, now living in New York, composer/pianist Axel Schwintzer. Schwintzer sextet Axel's Axiom is really an international jazz band, tenor sax Aki Nishiguchi from Japan, guitarrist Casper Gyldensoe from Denmark...


01/02/12    Albums

CD Review: The Landrus Kaleidoscope - Capsule

Contrary to Brian Landrus previous recording, this album is more of a collective project. Of course Landrus is the leader but he allows plenty of space for everyone to shines on these collection of outsatnding compositions. Especially Nir Felder on guitar...

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