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05/29/12    Features

Alfredo Rodríguez: Far From Home, Pursuing Happiness

With his Quincy Jones-produced Debut, a pianist emerges


03/30/12    Features

Gregory Porter: Jazz's Next Great Male Vocalist

Embracing the struggle between joy and pain


01/23/12    Features

Luis Perdomo: A Bandleader Made, Not Born

“It just feels right” to emerge as leader, says the pianist


11/21/11    Features

John Hollenbeck’s Natural Impulses

The drummer-composer on the importance of being himself


08/28/11    Features

Seth MacFarlane: From Cartooning to Crooning

Family Guy creator goes Sinatra on lush big-band vocal debut


05/30/11    Features

JD Allen: Victory of the Underdog

After years of hard knocks and inner turmoil, JD Allen emerges with one of jazz's best and brawniest trios.


05/03/11    Features

Peter Eldridge: Pop, Life

Vocalist Peter Eldridge applies pop values and lyrical smarts on the Latin-tinged Mad Heaven


03/30/11    Features

Andrew D’Angelo: Mind Power

After a miraculous recovery from brain cancer, saxophonist Andrew D’Angelo returns inspired, focused and humbled


March 2011    Features

Freedom Suite: Let the Music Speak

Nnenna Freelon and son Pierce craft a natural, engaging blend of jazz and hip-hop on Freedom Suite


December 2010    Features

Rhapsody in Rainbow: Jazz and the Queer Aesthetic

A look at how gay jazz musicians have dealt with their identity through their music


December 2010    Albums

CTI Records: The Cool Revolution
Various Artists

John Murph on the box set in celebration of CTI Records' 40th Anniversary


November 2010    Features

Junko Onishi: Time To Reflect

After years out of the spotlight, pianist Junko Onishi returns with a bracing new album and a Mingus-sized band


05/20/10    Features

Tia Fuller: Hustle & Flow

John Murph profiles young saxophonist who balances solo career with role as back-up to Beyonce

04/18/10    Features

Jose James: Two Sides, Same Coin

With a pair of different yet equally dynamic releases, vocalist José James arrives


02/01/10    Features

Dee Dee Bridgewater: Drama Queen

Dee Dee Bridgewater and Billie Holiday share a surprising kinship. But can Bridgewater, a madcap, theatrical vocalist, pay convincing homage to Lady Day, jazz’s most mythologized singer?


December 2009    Features

Uncovered: Album Art in the Digital Age

Can jazz’s rich tradition of eye-catching cover art survive in the MP3 era?

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