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September 2003    Albums

Bringing the Flame Home: From Havana to Africa

Questionable claims from the liner notes aside, such as the unproven notion that the Cuban guaguanco can be directly traced to the Ghanaian agbadza, that rumba-which is a family of rhythms rather than just one-has some demonstrated connection to "the more...


September 2003    Albums

Ritmo Caliente
Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri's current refashioning of the 40-plus-year-old style that started his career as a leader with the group La Perfecta enters its second phase with this release. After last year's La Perfecta II, the pianist returns with further bravura and street...


September 2003    Albums

Spirit! The Power of Music
Randy Weston African Rhythms Quartet and the Gnawa Master Musicians of Morocco

In the fall of 1999, at Brooklyn's Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Randy Weston's African Rhythms Quintet & the Gnawa Master Musicians of Morocco-from both Marrakech and Tangier-were recorded live. Their performance opens with a piano tripartite cogitation...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Roswell Rudd/Toumani Diabate

Ever probing and self-demanding, Roswell Rudd fulfills an African dream of his in the Confluence Series title Malicool for Sunnyside. Malian kora master Toumani Diabate, in turn, adds an earthy harpesque character to Rudd's fulsome grittiness throughout...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Cuban Jazz: Alfredo Rodrîguez y Los Acereko
Alfredo Rodrîguez

Credit Alfredo Rodriguez for leaving the Big Apple for the City of Light in 1985 after imprinting his tight, swingingly polyglot piano playing on New York's escalating Latin dance scene of the '60s and '70s. Since, his flourishing as a leader is a remarkable...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Purple Cha Cha Heels
Brass Roots

Latin-inflected jazz does not rely much-if ever-on minimalist good-humored resources as a steering guide. Brass Roots does so in Purple Cha Cha Heels (Accurate) with just composer, arranger and trombonist Jim "Mondongo" Messbauer, Tim Mayer on baritone sax...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Either Orchestra

The cubist reference in the title of the latest release of the idiosyncratic Either Orchestra is not accidental. Afro-Cubism (Accurate) forays into a Latinized jazz big band aesthetic with unusual power and expression. Numerous sides and sights from the...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Time to Play
Robert Jospé

Robert Jospe has one of those clean, spirited and tight-sounding jazz combos, with peppy assuredness, radiating enveloping healthy vibes belying the insufferable widespread practice of overplaying the Latin tinge. Time to Play (Inner Rhythm) is the drummer...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Mark Levine and the Latin Tinge

Isla (Left Coast Clave) is the third release of Mark Levine & the Latin Tinge. He is the author of two commended books on jazz piano and holder of credits with mainstream jazz figures and several Latin legends. Coupled with Michael Spiro on percussion, drummer...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Pete Escovedo

Pete Escovedo is the elder statesman of the premiere percussive Hispanic family in the U.S. Sheila E, Peter Michael and Juan joined Papi in a San Diego gig and the result is Live! (Concord), the first live recording by the distinguished timbalero in 15 years...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Pan Con Bistec
Bobby Ramirez

The publicity materials of Pan Con Bistec (Ritmo City) by composer, arranger, saxophonist and flutist Bobby Ramirez describe it as "an extraordinary fusion of world music with jazz influence." That is quite a stretch. There is absolutely nothing astonishing...


July/August 2003    Spheres

Los Hijos del Sol: To My Country
Alex Acuña/Eva Ayllón

Significant portions of Peru's musical spectrum are updated through Los Hijos del Sol: Alex Acuna & Eva Ayllon in To My Country (Nido). Wayne Shorter has uncharacteristically Peruvian divine interventions on soprano sax in "Surco" and "Un Barco Ciego." Paquito...

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