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09/18/13    Albums

Cicada Music
Frank Rosaly

Despite a vast number of projects that feature his insightful drumming, Frank Rosaly’s name has rarely appeared on the spines of albums. On those few occasions, it has been a solo percussion session or free-improv duets rather than a set of his compositions...


09/09/13    Concerts

Review: The 34th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival

Despite the city's economic woes, a free jazz festival still offers a wealth of great music


08/23/13    Albums

Hush Point
Hush Point

Trumpeter John McNeil and alto saxophonist Jeremy Udden might seem like unlikely collaborators. McNeil’s career began with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and continues through a series of straightforward but bold releases under his own name. Although...


08/19/13    Albums

Good Medicine
Ig Bo Duet: Joseph Bowie & Adam Rudolph

Put two musicians in a studio full of instruments (the majority being of the percussive persuasion) and two possible results can emerge: groovy, spatial soundscapes; or the overwhelming, kid-in-a-candy-shop urge to play everything for a few minutes. Good...


08/08/13    Albums

Jemeel Moondoc/Connie Crothers

Jemeel Moondoc (alto saxophone) and Connie Crothers (piano) have recorded prolifically enough to earn greater recognition, yet their work often falls below the radar. Moondoc began playing in Loft-era New York, disappearing in the 9-to-5 world until reappearing...


07/27/13    Albums

Burden of Proof
Soft Machine Legacy

In a way Soft Machine has two legacies. The original Canterbury trio, with angelic vocalist/drummer Robert Wyatt, came up in the same scene as Pink Floyd, tweaking the era’s psychedelia with jazz attitudes. Then in the 1970s, the original members gradually...


07/14/13    Albums

Little Women

Little Women seem to enjoy puzzling listeners. For starters, this is an all-male quartet. Their sophomore release consists of one track, but they don’t simply blow freely for 42 minutes. “Lung” sounds loosely structured, yet it has discernible sections and...


07/04/13    Albums

Uri Gurvich

Like The Storyteller , Uri Gurvich’s justly praised debut on Tzadik three years ago, BabEl mates sinuous Middle Eastern and sprightly Afro-Cuban folk forms via original compositions that are equally influenced by his native Israel and the Berklee College...


07/01/13    Albums

Concert in Athens
Eleni Karaindrou

The 18 pieces on Concert in Athens originated in different soundtracks and theater productions that the Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou has written since 1975. Yet the album flows together like one larger piece. Some tracks have clear breaks while others...


06/28/13    Albums

Michael Gallant Trio

After logging time as an editor for Keyboard magazine and a contributing writer for DownBeat , Michael Gallant has returned to his primary focus of the piano and makes his recording debut with this trio set. His experience playing traditional jazz, including...


06/27/13    Albums

Oliver Lake Big band

Oliver Lake’s skill as a big-band leader might not be as well known as his tenure with the World Saxophone Quartet or his small-group projects, despite an interest in the format that dates back to the late ’60s with the Black Artists Group in St. Louis...


06/15/13    Albums

Joey Calderazzo Trio Live
Joey Calderazzo Trio

This new document of live-action jazz did not originate at the Village Vanguard, or anywhere near New York City for that matter. Joey Calderazzo’s trio is heard stretching out at Daly Jazz in the relatively remote locale of Missoula, Mont. If this set offers...


06/09/13    Albums

The Orchestrion Project
Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny’s setup for his Orchestrion tour looked like a cross between a ransacked orchestra pit and an elaborate stage show from the excessive ’70s. For those late to the game, the Orchestrion is based on the elaborate, century-old contraptions of the...


06/04/13    Albums

Skull Sessions
Rob Mazurek Octet

Sometimes Rob Mazurek’s compositions begin quietly and move slowly. Recent works by the Chicago Underground Duo and the Exploding Star Orchestra have been as much about the journey as the destination. The trio Starlicker and the Pulsar Quartet are marked...


05/19/13    Albums

Craig Taborn Trio

If jazz can really be described as the sound of surprise, it also involves trust on the part of the listeners. We need to approach the music trusting that the players are really trying to create something expressive rather than simply noodling away. The...


05/16/13    Albums

For People In Sorrow
Alex Cline

Too often tribute albums are based on reverence that leaves the heart and soul of the honoree behind. Other times, the subject’s material gets re-contextualized to the point of absurdity. Alex Cline approached Roscoe Mitchell’s “People in Sorrow” hoping...

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Mike Shanley wishes there were more hours in the day to just sit and listen to music, probably with some coffee close at hand. A native of Pittsburgh, he served as arts & entertainment editor at two of that city's alternative newsweeklies, InPittsburgh and Pulp. In addition to JazzTimes, he freelances for Pittsburgh City Paper, Blurt and maintains a blog at www.shanleyonmusic.blogspot.com where he rambles on about whatever has landed on the turntable or disc player at that moment. His writing has appeared in Harp, Pittsburgh Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and on the website PopCity.com. He has also played bass guitar in a number of Pittsburgh indie rock bands over the past two decades.