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November 2005    Albums

Maihama: Japan Tour 2002 Summer Vol. 2
The Six Winds

The Six Winds is actually composed, more specifically, of six saxophones, arrayed from the highest to the lowest: Mariette Rouppe van der Voort, sopranino; Dies le Duc, soprano; Umezu Kazutoki, alto; Andrew White, tenor; Ad Peijnenburg, baritone; and Klaas...


November 2005    Albums

Mystery Bag
String Zone

These two discs feature groups seeking the dance pulse at the heart of jazz without any percussion instruments at their disposal: L.A.'s Supernova uses the instruments of the classical string quartet (two violins, viola and cello), while the Norwegian group...


October 2005    Albums

George Colligan's Mad Science

George Colligan seems to have all the ingredients for a funky good time on his Mad Science trio's new disc Realization: his trusty Hammond B3 organ, augmented by various synths and samples; guitarist Tom Guarna and drummer Rodney Holmes, both veterans of...


October 2005    Albums

High Voltage
Common Ground

Common Ground is led by Zach Brock and Tom Wright, both violinists who use amplifiers so that they can be better heard over their excellent rhythm section, composed of pianist Jordan Baskin, bassist Mike Arnopol and drummer Tom Hipskind. Unfortunately, the...


October 2005    Albums

The Jazz Chamber Trio
Paquito D'Rivera

Paquito D'Rivera's stated goal for his Jazz Chamber Trio is to "unify in one single concept the delicate intimacy of chamber music, the spontaneity of jazz, plus the rhythmic power of Latin-American music." What his album The Jazz Chamber Trio proves is...


October 2005    Albums

Other Valentines
Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio

The Fred Lonberg-Holm trio is composed of Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello, Jason Roebke on bass and Frank Rosaly on drums. This combination poses some problems, as their new album Other Valentines proves. The cello and bass crowd each other when the cello goes...


July/August 2005    Albums

Dance of the Infidel
Meshell Ndegeocello

There is great music, and then there is good music that is great at accomplishing a specific task. The latter can be found on Dance of the Infidel, the first album from bassist/inveterate explorer Meshell Ndegeocello's new band Spirit Music Jamia: It stands...


July/August 2005    Albums

Eleventh Hour
Fred Frith

The line separating music that intoxicates listeners with its mysterious stillness from music that bores listeners to tears with its complete lack of musical incident is perilously thin, and composer Fred Frith spends some time on both sides of that border...


July/August 2005    Albums

Keith Jarrett

In the liner notes for his first solo album in eight years, pianist Keith Jarrett admits that many of his listeners "will be momentarily (at least) shocked at the initial absence of melodic-or even motivic-content," as Radiance is two discs' worth of free...


July/August 2005    Albums

Una Nave
Guillermo Klein

Pianist/guitarist/composer Guillermo Klein's Una Nave takes obvious inspiration from the music of Klein's native Argentina but treats it freely and with a keen ear for catchy melodies, malleable yet infectious rhythms and dramatic musical progressions that...


June 2005    Albums

Train Song

The title of Aros' Train Song immediately calls to mind a locomotive's duple rhythm (chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga), which makes it somewhat ironic that a straight-up duple or triple rhythm is nearly impossible to find on the album. Aros, an Amsterdam-based...


June 2005    Albums

Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers

Three recent jazz-violin releases, taken together, prove that jazz doesn't care what instrument you play as long as you play it well. Zach Brock and SavoirFaire each go further afield stylistically than Diane Delin does, but her mastery of her aesthetic...


June 2005    Albums

Robin Holcomb/Wayne Horvitz

In a successful marriage, the two partners must strike a balance between having no interests whatsoever in common and meddling in each other's business all the time. Or so I'm told. Anyway, pianists Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb have been married for 25...


June 2005    Albums

Strange Fruit
Irvin Mayfield

Rare indeed is the musician who can make two albums as disparate as Irvin Mayfield's latest Los Hombres Calientes album with Bill Summers, Vol. 5: Carnival, and the premiere recording of Mayfield's lynching chorale Strange Fruit. Almost unheard of is the...


May 2005    Albums

Blues in Red
Buyu Ambroise

If saxophonist Alix "Buyu" Ambroise's Blues in Red accomplished nothing else, it would still be worth a listen for its unstoppable Afro-Haitian percussion grooves. Percussionist Kahlil Kwame-Bell and kata drummer Fito Vivien join the trap-set drummer in...


May 2005    Albums

Early Music
Spooky Actions

Spooky Actions' first classical-based album, Music of Webern, treated the Austrian serialist to clever transcriptions and striking improvisations using John Gunther's winds and Bruce Arnold's processed electric guitar. Now Spooky Actions has returned to...

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