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05/26/14    Community Articles

A Life-long Journey that Starts with Jazz

On their wedding day, couples feel like a bundle of nerves before they set off for this journey. Soothing jazz can create a light and enjoyable atmosphere for the couples and guests who attend the ceremony. When a journey starts with jazz, it’s got to be...

05/17/14    Community Articles

Keys that Create Magic Melodies

Learning piano is about creativity and passion. Moreover, its soothed the pains during many ups and downs in many human lives. Specifically, jazz piano expands the creative horizon to no ends with its versatility.

05/08/14    Community Articles

When Summer Brings Melodies Along

Music is in America's pulse! We are swayed by rhythms and melodies as they resonate in our lives. This musical sojourn goes on throughout the year, in all seasons, and summer is no exception.

04/15/14    Community Articles

Vocal Jazz Workshops in NYC Spark Interest

Let’s be honest — learning jazz isn’t easy. Yet with NYC’s professional instructors, talented classmates and focused workshops designed for your level of musicality, learning just became easier.

03/27/14    Community Articles

Discover Cutting-Edge Musicianship with Jazz Courses Online

Discover the rush of learning music through jazz courses online or in person. Participating in private lessons, workshops, theory classes, jam sessions and other forms of mentored learning can enhance one’s liberation and innovative thinking.

03/26/14    Community Articles

Become Ready for Jazz Music Schools in Manhattan

Are you looking into music schools in Manhattan? Taking jazz lessons with professional music instructors can be a huge step for an aspiring musician’s career. You will be placed in musical environments that you might not otherwise be exposed to. Use these...

03/20/14    Community Articles

Virtual Learning of Real & Classy Jazz

This is mostly for people who really want to learn Jazz music, but have no time to attend classes regularly. In such cases, they can take an online Jazz course provided by a reputed music school. This is a convenient way of learning that can be done as per...

03/15/14    Community Articles

Playing the Chords of Harmony – The Jazz Way

Guitar is the most widely used instrument in any genre of music, including Jazz. Since it’s quite a versatile kind of music, the methods of learning should be of high quality. The key to learning it thoroughly is in finding the right kind of music lessons.

03/11/14    Community Articles

Setting Foot towards ‘Destination Music’

Music aspirants keen to learn Jazz face an uphill task of picking the music academy that actually helps them fulfill their dream to become a Jazz artist. It is an entertaining yet grueling journey where the foundation of learning needs to be right.

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