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07/05/13    Albums

The Beat
Boney James

On his 14th album, Boney James demonstrates how working within a familiar range need not be limiting. He doesn’t deviate much from the R&B-inflected saxophone sound that made him one of smooth jazz’s most popular artists, but he places it in a variety of...


06/30/13    Albums

The View From Here
Kyle Eastwood

On The View From Here , his sixth release as a leader, bassist Kyle Eastwood and his accomplished band take the listener on an excursion through a wide range of styles, rhythms and moods. Eastwood may be the bandleader, but The View From Here is very much...


July/August 2005    Albums

Wild Card
The Rippingtons

Rippingtons albums generally reflect some sort of theme and this time is no exception as the veteran contemporary-jazz band travels to South Beach for the delightfully high-spirited, Latin-tinged Wild Card. Guitarist and group leader Russ Freeman typically...


July/August 2005    Albums

Lee Ritenour

Veteran guitarist Lee Ritenour surveys his wide-ranging career on the live album OverTime, his debut release on Peak, which is co-headed by his former GRP labelmate, guitarist and Rippingtons leader Russ Freeman. Ritenour's career has encompassed contemporary...


July/August 2005    Albums

Jeff Golub

Jeff Golub's Temptation marks some new collaborations for the smooth-jazz guitarist. It's his first album for the Narada label, and it also represents his first time working with top smooth-jazz producer Paul Brown. What hasn't changed is Golub's nuanced...


June 2005    Currents

Doyle's Brunch

The compositions created by the duo O'2L are best described as sonic collages that combine live playing, samples, vocals and effects in kaleidoscopic ways. Comprising the husband-and-wife team of guitarist Al Pitrelli (a rock veteran who has played with...


June 2005    Currents

We Want You to Say…

We Want You to Say... (Heads Up), the sophomore album by the jazzy world-music band Sakesho, will put a smile on your face, not only because of the bright, upbeat music, but also because the bandmembers' high spirits are practically palpable. The band, which...


June 2005    Currents

Patches Stewart

Trumpeter Michael "Patches" Stewart is probably best known as a top sideman, but he steps out on his own on his solo album, Blow (Koch). Stewart's longtime collaborator, Marcus Miller, is prominently featured on the album, and together they create a sound...


June 2005    Currents


In 1994, the jazz/hip-hop outfit Us3 arrived on the scene with a sound that combined rap with live playing and samples culled from Blue Note's vast vaults. The group earned a huge hit with "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)," which incorporated a sample of Herbie...


June 2005    Currents

For Her
Walter Beasley

Veteran smooth-jazz saxophonist Walter Beasley depicts the arc of a romantic relationship on For Her (Head's Up). The album opens with "She's All That," which presumably reflects the exhilaration of a new relationship. It's a grooving uptempo number with...


June 2005    Currents

Jeff Lorber

Jeff Lorber balances modern and retro styles on his rhythmically varied outing Flipside (Narada). The veteran smooth-jazz keyboardist exhibits his jazzy side on tunes such as the swinging title track, but he adds a contemporary twist: Rather than using the...


June 2005    Currents

Hold Me to This: Chrisptopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead (sampler)
Christopher O'Riley

The music of Radiohead intrigues classical pianist Christopher O'Riley so much that he has recorded two albums of solo piano interpretations of the band's famously complex oeuvre. The first, True Love Waits: O'Riley Plays Radiohead, came out in 2003; he...


June 2005    Currents

Steve Cole

Steve Cole unveils a new sound on Spin (Narada). The smooth-jazz saxophonist had become fascinated with guitar-based pop music, and he decided to take up the guitar himself. Even though Cole's saxophone is still front and center, guitars play a prominent...


June 2005    Currents

Private Stock Volume 1
Various Artists

While worth checking out, Private Stock, Volume 1 (Three Keys) is somewhat of a mixed bag. This compilation includes remixed versions of tunes by artists on the label-including keyboardist Marcus Johnson (Three Keys' owner), saxophonist Jaared, singer Alyson...


May 2005    Currents

Altered States

Artist Peter Max's psychedelic work embodied the spirit of the '60s, but he remains a major figure in the contemporary art scene, and he created the cover of the Yellowjackets' new Altered State (Heads Up). While not representational, the cover art is filled...


May 2005    Currents

Silver Rain
Marcus Miller

Not too many musicians can cover Beethoven, Stevie Wonder and Duke Ellington with equal dexterity and inventiveness, but Marcus Miller can. On Silver Rain (Koch), the multi-instrumentalist covers a great deal of ground stylistically, but what firmly ties...

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