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02/24/16    Albums

A Voice on Air 1935-1955
Frank Sinatra

As the oft-told story goes, Frank Sinatra’s career was ignited in June 1939 when bandleader Harry James’ wife happened to tune in to a live feed from the Rustic Cabin in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and alerted her husband to the then-24-year-old featured singer...


02/19/16    Albums

Stacey Kent

Though Stacey Kent was born in the States and has been based in England for almost her entire career, she’s developed deep musical passions for France and Brazil, often singing in perfect French and flawless Portuguese. (It’s worth noting here that Kent...


02/11/16    Albums

Live at Chautauqua, Volume 1
Ella Fitzgerald

The late 1960s weren’t the best time to be a jazz vocalist. As rock’s Age of Aquarius dawned, such major names as Mel Tormé, Sarah Vaughan and Carmen McRae suffered significant downturns. Ella was no exception. Her long, career-defining association with...


02/07/16    Albums

I Walk a Little Faster
Chiara Pancaldi

She hails from Bologna and is a bit older, 33, than her photos suggest. She studied with her countrywoman Roberta Gambarini and Sheila Jordan, cut her vocal-jazz teeth as half of the duo Dobra Voz and released her first solo album, The Song Is You , on Italy’s...


01/23/16    Albums

That Would Be Me
Harry Connick Jr.

Musically speaking, Harry Connick Jr. has shaped a remarkably chameleonic career over the course of three decades: jazz singer and pianist, pop crooner, Hollywood balladeer and Broadway belter, all liberally spiced with distinct Cajun and country influences...


01/15/16    Albums

Alone Together
Carol Welsman

Though Carol Welsman’s lengthy career has been liberally dotted with fine albums, she reaches a lofty new plateau with Alone Together . It’s a well-traveled route. Many of the past century’s foremost jazz and jazz-influenced pop singers didn’t find their...


01/12/16    Albums

Come Fly With Me
Herb Alpert

More than 50 years have passed since Herb Alpert burst onto the international music scene with his Tijuana Brass and proved, quite literally, instrumental in presaging the smooth-jazz movement that he’s still a vital part of. As one of the most admired music...


01/09/16    Albums

Clear Day
Emilie-Claire Barlow

Though Diana Krall remains Canada’s most celebrated jazz vocalist, Emilie-Claire Barlow, now 11 albums into a career of steadily escalating prowess, nips ever closer at her heels. Barlow’s voice is lighter and brighter than Krall’s, her range wider and her...


01/03/16    Albums

No One Ever Tells You
Seth MacFarlane

Four years ago, primetime animation kingpin Seth MacFarlane put his ardor for the Great American Songbook to the test, uniting with arranger and conductor Joel McNeely to record the breezy Music Is Better Than Words . The polished collection of Tin Pan Alley...


01/03/16    Features

The Essential Nina Simone Recordings: A JazzTimes Guide

Our vocal columnist chooses the best


01/01/16    Albums

Newport Beach Jazz Party
Four Freshmen & Friends

At this point in their history, two years past the group’s 65th anniversary, the Four Freshmen have churned through enough members to fill an entire graduating class. The last of the four founders, Bob Flanigan, departed in 1993, less than a year after Bob...


12/29/15    Albums

Some Morning
Kim Nazarian

Among New York Voices’ extant lineup, united for 23 of the group’s 27 years, Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinhan and Darmon Meader have released a combined total of eight solo albums. The lone holdout, soprano Kim Nazarian, at last joins her cohorts, more than...


12/27/15    Albums

Find a Heart
Denise Donatelli

Arguably postmillennial jazz singing’s foremost late bloomer, Denise Donatelli cut her laudable debut album, released in 2005, at age 55. She started out singing mostly standards. Then, five years ago, with When Lights Are Low , she established what remains...


12/21/15    Albums

Let's Fly Away
Molly Ryan

A perennial favorite at chic Manhattan nightspots, Molly Ryan has been artfully recapturing the faded era of the foursquare, swinging band singer for close to two decades. In the tradition of Helen O’Connell, Helen Forrest and Kitty Kallen, she navigates...

12/18/15    Albums

Albums — December 2015

The richness of Alexis Cole’s vocal gumbo is rather extraordinary, combining the warmth and clarity of Doris Day, the verve of Jo Stafford, the cool sophistication of Chris Connor and the authority of Keely Smith. It’s a heady mix, so much so that it can...


12/14/15    Albums

American Legend: Live in California
Mose Allison

Three years ago, after more than six decades on the road, pianist and vocalist Mose Allison officially stopped touring. This 53-minute session, captured at Marin County’s 19 Broadway, is being touted as the NEA Jazz Master’s final live recording. True enough...

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