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04/20/14    Albums

Mother Goose's Melodies
Fumio Yasuda & Theo Bleckmann

Twenty-five years have passed since composer and vocalist Theo Bleckmann, otherworldly pied piper of the musical avant-garde, arrived in New York from his native Germany. Throughout that quarter-century, Bleckmann hasn’t merely redefined the art of eclecticism...


04/16/14    Albums

Promises to Burn
Janice Borla

To discredit the adage “Those who can’t, teach,” look no further than Janice Borla. This summer marks the 26th anniversary of Borla’s Vocal Jazz Camp, one of the finest training grounds in the country for young singers. For just as long, Borla has ranked...


04/08/14    Features

Dianne Reeves: The JazzTimes Interview

A conversation with one of jazz's greatest living vocalists


04/08/14    Albums

Celestial Anomaly
Janis Mann & Kenny Werner

Five years ago, L.A.-based vocalist Janis Mann paid exquisite tribute to timekeepers, alternating among a quartet of preeminent drummers on A Perfect Time . Now, two albums later, two of the four—Roy McCurdy and Joe LaBarbera—return for the equally sublime...


04/05/14    Albums

Destination Moon
Deana Martin

Among the female progeny of post-WWII pop elite who’ve established musical careers themselves—an impressive list that includes Liza Minnelli, Natalie Cole and Nancy Sinatra—Deana Martin, fourth of Dean’s eight children, remains the least known. An accomplished...


04/02/14    Overdue Ovation

Overdue Ovation: Vocalist Norma Winstone

The anti-diva


04/01/14    Albums

Circle In a Square
Lauren Kinhan

Lauren Kinhan is, as both a longstanding member of New York Voices and a solo artist, a tremendously gifted jazz singer. The added advantage of Kinhan’s individual releases is that they showcase her estimable songwriting dexterity. On her third solo album...


03/29/14    Albums

Libby York

While Diana Krall continues to top vocal polls and rack up platinum album sales, Chicagoan Libby York remains comparatively obscure. So consider this open invitation to all Krall fans to dip into York’s meager—just four albums across 15 years—but mighty...


03/25/14    Albums

Bring It Back
Catherine Russell

Many children of musicians follow in their parents’ footsteps, but few as closely as Catherine Russell. Since the start of her recording career, now spanning five albums, Russell has focused almost exclusively on the musical era of her father, bandleader...


03/24/14    Albums

Either Way: From Marilyn to Ella
Anne Ducros

French chanteuse Anne Ducros is clearly enamored of Ella Fitzgerald. Four years ago, Ducros partnered with the Coupe de Vents Wind Orchestra to serve up an album-length salute to the First Lady of Song. In its wake comes this split-bill tribute, with Ella...


03/20/14    Albums

Swings Both Ways
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams really knows how to swing. He demonstrated so in 2007 with the Rat Pack-scented Swing When You’re Winning , and he proves himself even hipper across this collection of 13 covers and originals. That he can expertly shape a jaunty “Puttin’...


03/16/14    Albums

Genevieve & Ferdinand
Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz

Vocalist Kate McGarry’s singular skill at interweaving pop, folk and jazz has been evident since her recording debut a dozen years ago. But in 2006, with the Grammy-nominated If Less Is More … Nothing Is Everything , she advanced to a higher plateau. Not...


03/11/14    Albums

Little Warrior
Lisa Engelken

Lisa Engelken’s Little Warrior does precisely what a good sophomore album should: build upon a solid base (her 2010 debut, Caravan ) while growing more adventurous and, by extension, more original. Working with a superb West Coast rhythm section—bassist...


03/09/14    Albums

Space and Time
Nicky Schrire

Two years ago, newcomer Nicky Schrire made an auspicious (if underappreciated) debut with Freedom Flight , a collection of jazz standards, pop covers and originals all supported by a full band. For her sophomore release, again spanning standards, pop and...


03/07/14    Albums

Duets: 20th Anniversary Edition
Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was 77 when he recorded Duets in 1993, and though a companion collection and one final studio album would follow, it truly was his last hurrah. He was back at Capitol Studios, the setting for his landmark 1950s sessions. The tunes were among...


03/01/14    Albums

Strings Attached
Christine Ebersole

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of vocalists have sung with strings, but you can count the number of voice-and-violin jazz albums on one hand and have several fingers left over. Which makes this warm pairing of actress and singer Christine Ebersole and wunderkind...

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When the rest of the baby-boomers were wrapped up in the Beatles and the Stones, Christopher Loudon was discovering Sinatra, Fitzgerald and Bennett. Since 2003, Loudon has critiqued upwards of 700 vocal albums in these pages and shaped about a dozen profiles, including Diana Krall, Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr., Roberta Gambarini, Jamie Cullum, Nancy Wilson, Curtis Stigers and Dianne Reeves.