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04/03/15    The Gig

The Gig: JALC Takes Over

What's in a domain name?


03/04/15    The Gig

The Gig: What Are We to Do?

Jazz, hashtags and protest: a means of expression


01/14/15    The Gig

Nate Chinen's "The Year in Gigs 2014"

From Marsalis to Lage to Iyer, plenty of memorable nights


12/17/14    The Gig

The Gig: Flying Lotus' Electric Dreams

Is his "You're Dead!" a corrective or an anomaly?


10/16/14    The Gig

The Gig: Lee Konitz

Magical mundane


09/04/14    The Gig

The Gig at 100

Nate Chinen's JT column reaches a milestone


07/24/14    The Gig

The Gig: Mary Halvorson

Home alone


07/09/14    The Gig

The Gig, Nate Chinen's Column, Approaches a Milestone

Reflections on the first 99


06/16/14    The Gig

The Gig--Blue Note Records: Revived & Well

At 75, the legendary label is thriving and evolving


05/16/14    The Gig

The Gig: Meet the Westerlies

An exceptional debut devoted to the music of Wayne Horvitz


04/14/14    The Gig

The Gig: Beats Me

Nate Chinen on streaming service and jazz


03/15/14    The Gig

The Gig: Amiri Baraka, Blues Person

Remembering a poet and playwright of incandescent power


01/25/14    The Gig

2013: The Year in Gigs

JT columnist Nate Chinen reflects on the best shows of the past year


12/27/13    The Gig

The Gig: Andy Bey

A musician's singer, and more


12/21/13    Features

5 Classic Steve Gadd Drum Tracks

Nate Chinen on essential '70s-'80s Gadd

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About Nate Chinen


JT columnist Nate Chinen, who also regularly contributes to the New York Times, is one of jazz journalism’s brightest young talents. For the past three years he has won the Jazz Journalists Association’s Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award for excellence in writing. He also won the Association’s Best Book About Jazz Award in 2004 for his work with George Wein on the memoir Myself Among Others: A Life in Music.