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07/05/14    Features

Jazz Hackathon at Columbia University

Programmers create new tech possibilities for jazz


07/01/14    Features

Sarah Manning Creates Art Out of Her Environment

Forces of nature


06/20/14    Albums

John Ellis & Andy Bragen

Saxophonist John Ellis’ Mobro , a concept album in collaboration with librettist Andy Bragen, is a radical departure from his previous release, the contemporary postbop date It’s You I Like , but it never veers too far into avant-garde territory; it’s too...


06/14/14    Albums

Harlem-Kingston Express Vol. 2: The River Rolls On
Monty Alexander

Bridging reggae and jazz without losing the sound of either is a delicate balance. It generally means maintaining the heavy off-beat accents and syncopated basslines that hew toward ska without reining in the challenging harmonic substitutions of bebop...


05/29/14    Albums

Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain

“Birth,” the opening track off Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain’s minimalist duo album Frames , seems to spring less from a womb than an existential void, charting an impressionistic course through an imagined life that ends in “From Nothing, Infinite.” It’s...


05/22/14    Features

Artists Rally for Performers’ Radio Royalties

Marc RIbot, Jason Moran and others speak out in NYC


03/17/14    Albums

Inspire Me!
Tim Warfield

This tight throwback to the golden era of hard bop showcases the virtuosity and brash tenor sound of erstwhile Young Lion Tim Warfield. But saxophonist Herb Harris deserves just as much recognition for writing, arranging, producing and releasing, on his...


02/07/14    Features

Jon Batiste: New Yorleanian

On Jelly Roll Morton, "Treme," his recent record & more


12/04/13    Features

Ches Smith: A Force of Nature

The drummer-composer Ches Smith builds a reputation as bandleader and sideman


09/29/13    Features

Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock Blurs the Lines

Where classical, improvisation and composition meet

09/17/13    Features

Eliane Elias Pays Long-Overdue Tribute to Chet Baker

True romance


07/10/13    Albums

John Lester Quartet

Most standards began as what we now refer to as covers, songs that everyone instantly recognized and could sing along to, even in their instrumental format. The shifting tides of pop culture have washed away many of Tin Pan Alley’s masterpieces—at least...


06/13/13    Concerts

Review: Tobago Jazz Experience

Jazz, world music and steel pan in a rum-soaked, boozy and laid-back atmosphere


05/24/13    Albums


Self-described as a “grammatically incoherent jazz bastardization,” the trio Thiefs captures all of the tone of jazz but none of its grammar. Aligned rhythmically with drum-and-bass and modally with trance, the group adheres to so many different genre parameters...


05/22/13    Albums

Cuban Crosshatching
Arturo Stabile

As the title indicates, this is not strictly an Afro-Cuban jazz record, but flits between styles, incorporating straight-ahead and Latin influences. Named for the artistic technique that uses parallel lines to create shading and depth, Arturo Stable’s varied...


05/09/13    Features

Bassist and Singer Brandi Disterheft Finds 'Gratitude'

A world of invention within straight-ahead jazz

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