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April 2007    Audio Files

Forward to the Past

Modern technology has made countless menial tasks in our lives so much less painful and has brought so much convenience into our day-to-day living. Who wants to boil bath water over an open fire when a 50-gallon tank sits full, steaming and waiting in the...


March 2007    Audio Files

In Search of the Holy Hi-Fi Grail

How lucky we are as humans to so often unlock the mysteries of history. The Rosetta Stone was the key that unlocked the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics, while the skull of Lucy, an unknown woman from ancient Ethiopia, has helped us learn important details...


January/February 2007    Audio Files

New Year's (Higher) Resolution

Last month we examined a few home entertainment products that didn’t fit into the convenient categories provided by our usual monthly soirees. Since there wasn’t enough room for everything competing for your bucks, we’ll finish up this month with a few other...


December 2006    Audio Files

2006 Year-end Grab Bag

Where has the year gone? It’s already time to review the past 12 months and choose a few interesting audio products we’ve somehow managed to overlook that can make the at-home jazz experience just a little more satisfying. It’s certainly a mixed bag of holiday...


November 2006    Audio Files

The Making of a Jazz Audiophile

It can be a dangerous thing to have a good system,” says bass legend Ron Carter of his own recent home audio experiences. Hmm. We’ve tried, in these columns, to show that having a great stereo rig is a good thing. So why would Carter make such a statement...


October 2006    Audio Files

Switched On: The Future of Amplification

When it comes to amplifying the music that comes out of our various discs, MP3 players, tapes and laptops, we’ve advanced leagues beyond the simple megaphonelike trumpet Edison used to amplify “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as it screeched forth from his early...


October 2006    Audio Files

Rack 'em Up

Many owners of perfectly fine, even exceptional, audio gear neglect one important aspect of setting up their systems: where and how the equipment is mounted. Stereo equipment can be very prone to distortion from outside vibration and resonance, the bouncing...


September 2006    Audio Files

Size Doesn't Matter

When it comes to loudspeakers, bigger is not always better. What matters most is the way a speaker conveys the essence of the music being played. Does it project the emotion recorded on the disc, and does it provide enough detail to provide a sense of the...


July/August 2006    Audio Files

Deep Listening

Not long ago I developed an inner-ear infection that resulted in temporary but frightening hearing loss in my left ear. For someone who auditions and reports on audio equipment, this was a pretty scary time. Just being able to listen to music again took...


June 2006    Audio Files

Prehistoric to the Space Age: A Brief History of TV's

Once upon a time, buying a TV meant choosing between a mahogany or maple cabinet. Having to choose between a color and black-and-white picture was not really even an issue until the late 1950s. These days, thanks to emerging technologies, not even experts...


May 2006    Audio Files

Play It By the Numbers: Digital Music Playback for Audiophiles

Regular readers of this column know that when it comes to digital reproduction of music, my attitude is a bit icy. With good reason, too: sloppy CD mastering and today’s trend toward ultracompressed MP3s renders sound, well, icy. Brittle, irritating and...


April 2006    Audio Files

CES 2006: Las Vegas' Annual Electric Circus

Imagine 38 acres of nothing but TVs blasting, stereos booming and a few thousand subwoofers woofing. Throw in about 150,000 gawkers gawking at all this glitz and mayhem and you have the basic scenario for the 2006 edition of the annual electrogizmo dog-and...


March 2006    Audio Files

…and Twins?: When One Output Device Is Better than Two

Guys often dream about twins. But are two really better than one? If an arrangement with one takes daily work to make things run correctly, imagine trying to coordinate two in just about any situation. Ain't gonna work--or at least not smoothly. Twins. Nice...


January/February 2006    Audio Files

Hodgepodge: Running Down the Voodoo on Three Cool Projects

John DeVore (devorefidelity.com) first appeared on my radar three years back at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where he was demonstrating his Gibbon 8 loudspeaker. The following year saw the birth of his current giant, or giant killer, the absolutely...


December 2005    Audio Files

Wrapped in Sound: Surround Speaker Systems Make Great Leaps Forward

The very first pancake was made when a crafty cook combined the appropriate quantities of flour, eggs, sugar, milk and some kind of leavening ingredient. Not brain surgery. But the operative words here are "appropriate quantities." The proto-flapjack was...


December 2005    Audio Files

Arcam AVR-300 A/V Receiver

I routinely mention the British Arcam brand (aslgroup.com) in any roundup of high-value, high-performance electronics. This now legendary firm consistently offers some of the best sound for the dollar to be had anywhere. And not only do their amps, DVD and...

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