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03/25/09    Community Articles

Ted Jarrett, Legendary Nashville Music Figure Dies

Ted Jarrett, one of the key figures in the rise of recording in Nashville among soul and R&B performers during the '50s and '60s, died Saturday in Nashville.

03/23/09    Community Articles

Fate of WMOT Unclear

WMOT, Middle Tennessee State University's 24/7 mainstream jazz station, has been threatened with extinction in the wake of impending budget cuts. But the university president has now voiced limited support for its survival, though some changes may be on...


April 2008    Features

Victor Wooten: Mr. Universe

Although he’s a spirited, skillful and imaginative soloist, Victor Wooten believes that “any good bassist’s first task is to help make your group sound better.” Since 1989, that’s exactly what the Nashville-based electric bass virtuoso has done for Béla...


April 2006    Albums

Rob Whitlock

Rob Whitlock's consistently well-played if sometimes musically unimposing Sket-chin' explores a wealth of styles, from party-funk fare and vintage tunes to Caribbean-flavored pieces and soul-jazz with a touch of gospel. Whitlock doesn't try to dazzle or...


March 2006    Bassics

Late August
Gregg August

The bristling Afro-Cuban rhythms and precise, emphatic playing on Gregg August's debut release make it special--and much more than a disjointed, unconnected set of tunes. Instead, there's a conceptual unity that links these cuts despite the fact that all...


March 2006    Bassics

Michael Bisio Quartet

Michael Bisio's clear, declarative accompaniment and overall skill as a bassist, coupled with the equally decisive, alternately animated and reflective playing of saxophonists Avram Fefer and Stephen Gauci, are the strong points on this set featuring mostly...


March 2006    Bassics

Suite for John A. Williams
Tyrone Brown

John A. Williams' books have often incorporated the fabric of jazz to make cogent and compelling points about critical issues. Tyrone Brown has assembled an unusual configuration to pay tribute to the author. The keyboard is excluded from the usual rhythm...


March 2006    Bassics

Arthur Kell Quartet

The vast majority of Arthur Kell's The Traveller is entertaining, delightful music, and even the few tracks that aren't quite as interesting are still very well executed. The only thing that keeps this from being a uniformly exciting work are a handful of...


March 2006    Bassics

Zero Degrees Music
Adam Lane Trio

Adam Lane is unquestionably a wonderful bassist, and also a versatile one. He demonstrates these capabilities on this rather unusual trio outing. While the pianoless trio isn't a new format, this one includes in its ranks one of the most dominating saxophonists...


March 2006    Bassics

Swinging the Blues
The Earl May Quartet

Veteran bassist Earl May demonstrates a lot more stylistic versatility than might be expected on this 13-song debut. He certainly excels on the prerock standards and swing staples, particularly the Basie/Durham title cut as well as "Tea for Two," "My Foolish...


March 2006    Bassics

Bill Moring and Way Out East
Bill Moring and Way Out East

The opening passages of the cut "Ornettology" signal that this recording from Bill Moring and his Way Out East group isn't going to be remotely business as usual. Trumpeter Jack Walrath's tune has both a jagged melody and an arrangement that elicits fierce...


March 2006    Bassics

Puttin' On the Ritz
Lynn Seaton Trio

There's such closeness and affinity among the members of the Lynn Seaton Trio that there's almost no clearly delineated leader operating here. Seaton, pianist Stephen Anderson and drummer Joel Fountain mesh steadily on any and everything they play, whether...


March 2006    Bassics

Going Dutch
Joris Teepe

He's long been regarded among Europe's finest bassists, and Joris Teepe does nothing to hurt his reputation on Going Dutch, his seventh release as a leader. While mainly a showcase for his writing facility, the band also does two credible if a bit unusual...


March 2006    Bassology

Back Nine
The Tom Warrington Trio

Although there are some songs on Back Nine where the inclusion of a second lead instrument besides guitar would have been nice, the interplay between bassist Tom Warrington, drummer Joe La Barbera and ax-man Larry Koonse is so tight and inviting that most...


January/February 2006    Books

Black Notes: Essays of a Musician Writing in a Post-Album Age
William C. Banfield

Despite being deeply troubled by much of what he sees and hears, William C. Banfield avoids churning out another of those "things were so much better in my day" volumes. Instead, this comprehensive and insightful collection of essays celebrates past glories...


January/February 2006    Books

Elegant Soul: The Life and Music of Gene Harris
Janie Harris and Bob Evancho

Janie Harris' loving, poignant memoir Elegant Soul doesn't ignore the considerable musical achievements of her late husband, Gene Harris. But Bob Evancho's participation ensures that Harris' talents are completely illuminated, from his flair for the blues...

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