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June 1997    Albums

Featuring Eddie Marshall
San Francisco Nighthawks

This eponymous collection of tunes by the participating musicians begins nicely with "The Rain Theory," the plaintive head intoned by composer and tenor saxophonist Wayne de Silva in unison with buoyant guitarist George Cotsirilos. When Mike McMullen replaces...

April 1997    Albums

Mean Streets
Eric Allison

At its least appealing, multi-reedman Allison's offerings under the eye of executive producer Bob Weinstock sound like good-natured elevator music. At its best, it's cute and sweetly appealing, as on "A Stroll In Savannah," where Allison's clarinet intonation...


April 1997    Albums

Billy Ross

With tributes like this one to bandleader Woody Herman, it's okay to ask whether the tributor is adding anything to the contributions of the tributee. In this case, the answer is "not much." For example, multi-reedman Ross's reading of Herman's "Apple Honey...


April 1997    Albums

Ilha Brasil

Jazz's protracted infatuation with Brazilian music has often produced unfortunate romantic side-effects: the beloved is dressed up in fancy duds, presumably to make her appear more sophisticated and acceptable, and in the process her unique freshness is...

March 1997    Albums

Stetching Out
John Stetch

For just a spurt of the new blood with which John Stetch infuses jazz piano, connect with his rendition of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Surrey With A Fringe On Top." Out of his native Alberta via Quebec, this artful Canadian-turned-New Yorker drives the traditional...

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