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08/03/10    Albums

Joe McPhee, Mikolaj Trzaska, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen

The story goes that Mikolaj Trzaska, a longtime fan of McPhee, sought out Trio X at a performance in Krakow in 2006 to ask if he could play with the group. With that meeting, a plan evolved for a 2007 tour with the support of Not Two Records owner, Marek...


07/11/10    Albums

Confusion Bleue
Nobu Stowe

Spontaneous improvisation clearly reflects how musical minds can work and how a variety of musical tools can be used. Confusion Bleue was recorded in 2007 by pianist Nobu Stowe and his group, including sound man Lee Pembleton, guitarist and sax player Ross...


07/09/10    Albums


Implicit in the act of collective musical improvisation is the fact that musicians are going to respond to changes in tempo, instrumental character or color. In Sharks , the members of the trio, Yuganaut, in responding to changes, build the music to a dramatic...


06/16/10    Albums

Nate Wooley

In the limited edition LP, Trumpet/Amplifier , Jersey City trumpeter Nate Wooley has given credibility to the idea that no one can duplicate a sound, even though music history might say that “This has all been done before.” How sound is produced is always...


06/11/10    Albums

Night Logic
Marshall Allen/Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris

Followers of pianist Matthew Shipp’s music know that it is cerebral, actualized only in improvisation. In Night Logic , Shipp collaborated with Arkestra alto saxophone player, Marshall Allen, and longtime colleague, bassist Joe Morris. According to the liner...


06/04/10    Albums

Frank Rosaly

Thirty-six year old drummer Frank Rosaly lives in Chicago. He has worked with musicians from Chicago, New York, Europe and has his own quintet, Viscous. His physically gorgeous white solo LP Milkwork , from 2009, grew out of a renewed curiosity in the music...


05/18/10    Artist Profiles

William Parker and Hamid Drake: Heart and Soul

Lyn Horton profiles renowned rhythm section of William Parker and Hamid Drake


05/05/10    Albums

Woodbox, Beats & Balladry
Daniel Bernard Roumain

Daniel Bernard Roumain’s six-string violin is the hub for his inventive explorations. His second release on Thirsty Ear, Woodbox, Beats & Balladry , gives him the opportunity to show off, and show off he does. Noteworthy in this recording is that the wizardry...


05/02/10    Albums

Sabir Mateen

A longtime resident of New York City since moving from his hometown of Philadelphia, multi-reed artist Sabir Mateen also frequents European venues. In 2008, Mateen recorded a solo midnight performance that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the URDLA engraving...


05/02/10    Albums

Throat I-VII
Little Women

Underground until 2008, the Brooklyn-based improvisational group, Little Women, debuts a full-length album, lasting a beautifully symmetrical 41:14 minutes, called Throat I-VII . Consisting of alto saxman Darius Jones, tenor sax player Travis LaPlante, guitarist...


04/22/10    Albums

News? No News!
The Ullman Swell 4

The second album for this quartet, News? No News? is at once rip-roaring and reflective. Reedist Gebhard Ullman and trombonist Steve Swell establish equally strong musical main characters. The title list alternates between compositions created by either...


04/02/10    Albums

Tomas Ulrich’s Cargo Cult
Tomas Ulrich/Michael Bisio/Rolf Sturm

Following its premier recording on Cadence Records, Tomas Ulrich’s Cargo Cult brings its unique sound to CIMP for a studio recording and its second release. Ulrich proclaims that this group is his dream band, one that includes bassist Michael Bisio and guitarist...


03/13/10    Books

Reaching Into The Unknown, 1964-2009
Poetry by Steve Dalachinsky and photography by Jacques Bisceglia

Lyn Horton reviews book of poetry and photography, with a jazz theme.


03/03/10    Albums

Why Not?
Marion Brown Quartet

Originally released in 1968, Why Not? is one of three ESP-Disk’ recordings on which alto-sax player Marion Brown appears. His first for ESP was recorded in 1965, the same year he worked with John Coltrane on Ascension . With the late bassist Norris “Sirone”...


03/01/10    Artist Profiles

Burton Greene: Merging the Internal and External Spirits

Lyn Horton profiles the free form pianist and learns the basis for his explorations


02/14/10    Albums

The Damage Is Done
Joe McPhee, Peter Brötzmann, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang

Recorded live at the Alchemia Club in Krakow, Poland, The Damage Is Done holds two uncut sets from four heavy-hitting improvisers: trumpeter and reedist Joe McPhee, multi-reedist Peter Brötzmann, bassist Kent Kessler and drummer Michael Zerang. Working as...

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