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04/17/12    Columns

Darius Jones: The Mastering of Musical Allegory

A musician who knows no category


02/19/12    Albums

My Brother
Gary Hassay and Michael Bisio

The red mandala-shaped image on the cover of My Brother suggests the introspective nature of the improvised set recorded by alto sax player Gary Hassay and bassist Michael Bisio. The 11 pieces on the album reflect an Oriental mindset in the improvisations...


01/26/12    Albums

Kidd Jordan, Harrison Bankhead & Warren Smith

'On Fire' on Engine Records


01/25/12    Albums

Chicago Trio's 'Velvet Songs'

Ernest Dawkins, Harrison Bankhead & Hamid Drake pay tribute to Fred Anderson


11/05/11    Concerts

Wadada Leo Smith: Ten Freedom Summers

Report on premiere of ambitious new work from trumpeter and composer at the REDCAT Performance Center in Los Angeles, Calif.


10/21/11    Albums

The Ethiopian Princess Meets the Tantric Priest
Indigo Trio: Nicole Mitchell, Harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake with Michel Edelin

Flutist Nicole Mitchell’s Indigo Trio has captured the joy and reverence befitting the pursuit of Divine Consciousness as is practiced in the Tantric tradition in its album, The Ethiopian Princess Meets the Tantric Priest . Mitchell’s compositions are translated...


10/11/11    Albums

Zlatko Kaučič

A 2011 winner of the Prešern Fund Award, the most prestigious cultural achievement award in Slovenia, Zlatko Kaučič is a masterful percussionist. In his recording, Emigrants , he dashes expectations that a solo percussion recording might invite. He shows...


09/09/11    Albums

Blue Ghost Blues
Haunted House: Loren Connors, Andrew Burnes, Suzanne Langille, Neel Murgai

The band Haunted House has no real history, except in its name, which, according to producer Kurt Gottschalk’s liner notes, originated in blues man’s Lonnie Johnson’s (1899-1970) song title until it was changed to Blue Ghost Blues , the name of Haunted House’s...


08/14/11    Albums

The Spanish Donkey: Joe Morris, Jamie Saft, Mike Pride

Sometimes, it is just easier to let the mind go and be “one” with music rather trying to analyze it. Such is the case with The Spanish Donkey’s XYX . There is so much sound on this recording that finding a resting place is occasional, if simply rare. Jamie...


08/09/11    Albums

Morning Sun/Harvest Moon
Harrison Bankhead Sextet

In his Chicago club, the Velvet Lounge, “Baba” (father) Fred Anderson made it a goal to keep the music so close to his heart going. Bassist Harrison Bankhead is one of the musicians who both frequently played at the Velvet and in Anderson’s groups. With...


07/19/11    Albums

Unknown Skies
Rob Brown Trio: Rob Brown/Craig Taborn/Nasheet Waits

Alto sax player Rob Brown collaborated with pianist Craig Taborn and drummer Nasheet Waits in a live performance as part of the 2010 Sons d’Hiver Festival at Saint- Mandé, France. The recording of this performance has been issued under the title, Unknown...


07/08/11    Albums

Fifteen Saxophones
Dickie Landry

Recorded in 1974 and originally released in 1977 on Northern Lights, Fifteen Saxophones brings to mind the era of minimalism which stretched from the mid-sixties through the mid-seventies. Minimal music, like minimal art, may be executed on a large scale...


06/28/11    Albums

Joe Morris and Agustí Fernández

Characteristic of Riti Records is its minimalism. A recording’s package is more than likely sleek, visually monochromatic, and carries few words. The inference here is that the music is the reason for the package in the first place. And the music is sound...


06/05/11    Albums

Survival Unit III: Joe McPhee, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang

The first for the label Harmonic Convergence to come in an edition of three hundred is Synchronicity by the trio, Survival Unit III. Joe McPhee leads the group on alto saxophone and alto clarinet. Fred Lonberg-Holm plays cello and electronics. Michael Zerang...


05/06/11    Albums

Other Doors
Klang: James Falzone, Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke, Tim Daisy

James Falzone’s solo clarinet introduction of “These Foolish Things” to Other Doors invites the music to come. His quartet, Klang, includes vibist Jason Adasiewicz, bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Tim Daisy. Joining the foursome are “special guests” cornetist...


05/02/11    Artist Profiles

Warren Smith: Multi-Versed Communicator

Lyn Horton profiles the percussionist and bandleader

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