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Tony Adamo Let Me Tell You 'Bout It

Top most popular Jazz Artist List.

10/15/13    Community Articles

For your Grammy Consideration/ Tony Adamo's Miles of Blu

Record Label: Random Act Records/ Produced by legendary drummer Mike Clark

09/29/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo and What Is Hip? is old school turned new cool! Funky is as funky does!

Tony Adamo and What Is Hip? Gets a new music review

08/19/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo is Reviewed by Allaboutjazz Reviewer Nick Mondello

CD/LP/Track Review Tony Adamo: Miles of Blu (2013) By NICHOLAS F. MONDELLO, Allaboutjazz Published: August 19, 2013 Long before rappers and scratchers, resurrected Mummies, and Lord Buckley's hipsters and flipsters, the ancient Greeks had a name for "cats...

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15 (fifteen) Grammy Awards for engineering. Al Schmitt comments on Tony Adamo's Cd, Miles of Blu

With an unparalleled 15 (fifteen) Grammy Awards for engineering. Al Schmitt comments on Tony Adamo's Cd, Miles of Blu Hi Tony, just got done listening to your exciting album. Jazz mixed with Hip Hop and Rap. Totally blew me away. Great arrangements, horn...

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BEFORE RAP, THERE WAS…Tony Adamo: Miles of Blu

by George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly

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Tony Adamo Vocal/ Hipspoken word Artist in Jazz Weekly

Hip male vocalists are a rare breed, which is why I wanted to help promote a swingingly hot release by Tony Adamo. This guy makes you glad you’re a jazz fan, and his latest disc, Miles of Blu, is tribute not only to the music, but the attitude of Miles Davis...

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Tony Adamo Miles of Blu on Best List @CriticalJazz

Sunday, June 30, 2013 The Best Of 2013 - Thus Far! Critics are narcissists by nature. Year end polls are a chance to inflict their own personal taste on what may or may not be the best for the year. At the half way point I decided to take the burden off...

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As I Dig ItTony Adamo Giacomo Gates

As I Dig It/Tony Adamo Giacomo Gates — Miles Tones: Sings The Music Of Miles Davis. He was @#1 on the jazzweekly jazz charts from April 22,2013 to May 13,2013, yet he only received 2 stars out of 5 from the Downbeat reviewer John Ephland. This brings up...

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Tony Adamo Radio Stations Airplay/ May/June 2013

Tony Adamo Radio Stations Airplay/ May/June 2013 Radio Stations that are hip to Tony Adamo's "Miles of Blu" WHFC Desert Island Jazz on Pure Jazz Radio 91.1FM MORNING JAZZ hosted by: Alan Rock May 21, 2013 WUCF - FM WNMC 90.7 FM/Tony Adamo's song Miles of...

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Tony Adamo / The Hipsters Hip Reviews

Giacomo Amari/ Another PR gig, NY NY Website: Bill Harris Says this about “Miles of Blu” “First of all let me say how much I love the CD and I'm very proud to have been a part of it! It is one of...

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Tony Adamo Miles of Blu Five out of Five Stars/

5.0 out of 5 stars Grooves Galore! A new Genre!!! May 21, 2013 Format:Audio CD/

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Tony Adamo/ reviewed by @CriticalJazz/Miles of Blu

"Sort of a deconstructed Miles Davis Birth Of The Cool amped up to the new millennium. Adamo is much in the same way as Miles, a visionary."

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5/8/2013 - NEW TONY ADAMO CD PRODUCED BY MIKE CLARK "Chock full of funky grooves, TONY ADAMO's new release MILES OF BLU features Tony taking his trademark style, "HipSpokenWord", to a new level of hipness." Produced by legendary drummer MIKE CLARK (Headhunters...

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Tony Adamo Vocal/Hipspoken'Word Artist Discovered by Legendary Drummer Mike Clark

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About Tony Adamo


Tony Adamo & Mike Clark Groovin’ High Z. Sidari/ Yo Productions New York City, NY

Legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the highly respected musician, trumpet player, big band leader and music arranger, Tim Ouimette recently completed the mix for vocal/hip- spokenword artist, Tony Adamo’s new CD at Ouimette’s recording studio in upstate New York. Adamo and Clark started this music project in the summer of 2011 after Clark recorded with Adamo on a new cover for Tower of Power’s “Soul Vaccination.” It was at that point a music alliance was formed between the two, and Clark became the music producer for Adamo’s new CD. Music industry insiders who have listened to some of the new cuts off this CD have commented that Adamo and Clark have come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spokenword laced with a funk musical attitude. Tim Ouimette said “This project is so original and bluesy groovin’ and is sending all the right messages. I am just really happy to be involved.” Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland is owned by funk icon, Stephen “Doc” Kupka of Tower of Power. “Doc” Plays on Adamo’s new CD.

Past Performances

2/8-2/10/12 Legendary drummer Mike Clark producing and mixing Tony Adamo's new CD Tim Ouimette's Studio Hudson Valley, NY

MusicDishTV Presents Tony Adamo's “Nine Miles Of Blu”

In his latest video and mp3 “Nine Miles of Blu,” Tony Adamo runs the voodoo down with legendary drummer Mike Clark (yes the drummer who played with Herbie Hancock back in 1974 on Thrust), and references to being in the middle of a happening jazz scene, tipping his verse to Miles' and Coltrane's “Giant Steps”. Guitarist Steve Holman lays down a solid comping on this jazz trio's post-bop, with Clark sparking the track with great rhythmic ideas.

The esteemed Clark also produced “Nine Miles of Blue,” in which Adamo pays a verbal homage to Dizzie Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and other widely recognized jazz masters who led the way for the music we have today. Using cleverly smooth but complex combinations of jazz melodies, this track is a funky, jazzy, get in your face groove that, at first play, makes you feel like you're sitting in a great jazz club.

Tony Adamo joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 13, 2009