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03/02/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Now @#14 in Top 25 Allaboutjazz/3/2/14

Now @#14. Cold Duck Time (4:00)Allaboutjazz Top 25 Tony Adamo From: What is Hip? (Urbanzone Records) Featured: 2014-03-18 | New words by Tony Adamo with permission by Eddie Harris estate.

02/24/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo and the Headhunters

Mike Clark Says This “Tony Adamo is one of the more interesting artists that I have worked with in years. His deep blues, Oakland style funk and jazz roots are locked in at a deep emotional level. In the tradition of Kerouac, Mark Murphy and Gil Scot, Tony...

01/07/14    Community Articles

The Headhunters and Beyond with Tony Adamo

The Headhunters and Beyond- Tony Adamo's new vocal hip-spoken word scratch tracks were recorded in Reno, NV on January 4th, 2014. All in one click the tacks were sent to Bill Summers (New Orleans) and Mike Clark (New York City)former member...s of Herbie...

12/28/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Bill Summers

Vocal/hip-spoken' word artist Tony Adamo. Will be co-produced by Mike Clark & Bill Summers of Herbie Hancock & The Headhhunters

12/27/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Vocal Hipspoken Word Artist on Visions With Voices

A mighty thanks goes out to Visions With Voices. Tony Adamo Hear Tony Adamo's tribute to Jimmy Smith and some of the all time jazz/funk greats who played the Hammond B3. As read by Visions With Voices spoken word collective A Pitts Gambino PR Joint http...

12/13/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo on The Final Best of 2013 List for!

The Final Best of 2013 List for! 1. Marc Carey - For The Love Of Abbey (2) 2. Hristo Vitchev - Rhodopa (3) 3. Tony Adamo - Miles Of Blu 4. Perry Beekman - So In Love 5. On Impulse - Ten Minutes In Paris 6. The SoHo Rentals 7. Antonio...

12/12/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo in Top 200

A mighty mighty hip thanks to the Vocal/hipspoken' Word, Nu-Jazz, Acid-jazz, Straight Ahead Jazz music crowd for digging my music and moving me past these great, great music artists: Paul Motian, Rod Stewart, Tony Williams, Earroll Garner, Carla Bley, Marcus...

11/14/13    Community Articles

Jerry Stucker gets a 5 Star music review Tony Adamo featured

Bop-N-Jazz A Conservative Look At The Liberal Arts. Thursday, November 14, 2013 Thursday, November 14, 2013...

10/23/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Let Me Tell You 'Bout It

Top most popular Jazz Artist List.

10/15/13    Community Articles

For your Grammy Consideration/ Tony Adamo's Miles of Blu

Record Label: Random Act Records/ Produced by legendary drummer Mike Clark

09/29/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo and What Is Hip? is old school turned new cool! Funky is as funky does!

Tony Adamo and What Is Hip? Gets a new music review

08/19/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo is Reviewed by Allaboutjazz Reviewer Nick Mondello

CD/LP/Track Review Tony Adamo: Miles of Blu (2013) By NICHOLAS F. MONDELLO, Allaboutjazz Published: August 19, 2013 Long before rappers and scratchers, resurrected Mummies, and Lord Buckley's hipsters and flipsters, the ancient Greeks had a name for "cats...

08/06/13    Community Articles

15 (fifteen) Grammy Awards for engineering. Al Schmitt comments on Tony Adamo's Cd, Miles of Blu

With an unparalleled 15 (fifteen) Grammy Awards for engineering. Al Schmitt comments on Tony Adamo's Cd, Miles of Blu Hi Tony, just got done listening to your exciting album. Jazz mixed with Hip Hop and Rap. Totally blew me away. Great arrangements, horn...

07/15/13    Community Articles

BEFORE RAP, THERE WAS…Tony Adamo: Miles of Blu

by George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly

07/03/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Vocal/ Hipspoken word Artist in Jazz Weekly

Hip male vocalists are a rare breed, which is why I wanted to help promote a swingingly hot release by Tony Adamo. This guy makes you glad you’re a jazz fan, and his latest disc, Miles of Blu, is tribute not only to the music, but the attitude of Miles Davis...

07/01/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Miles of Blu on Best List @CriticalJazz

Sunday, June 30, 2013 The Best Of 2013 - Thus Far! Critics are narcissists by nature. Year end polls are a chance to inflict their own personal taste on what may or may not be the best for the year. At the half way point I decided to take the burden off...

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About Tony Adamo


A preview of coming attractions!

Brent Black /

Tidings of great joy shall be to all people in January of 2015 with the release of the new Tony Adamo recording! This is the perfect storm of a Nu music revolution and Tony Adamo is your vocal master of ceremonies, the lyrical poet laureate to take you to the land of rhythm and groove.

Checking out a couple of advance tracks that found their way to my inbox there is "Gale Blowin' High" a lyrical biography of the great Eddie Gale. Take an opening subtle samba groove and free your mind as the syncopated swing moves to an Afro-Gospel sound that no one can touch. This is the kick off for a Nu music revolution for all people! The band speaks for itself with names including the legendary drummer from the Headhunters Mike Clark along with Lenny White and Michael Wolff but make no mistake, all the musical co-conspirators are bringing it!

Gale Blowin' High - Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Lenny White-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano-Music-Mike Clark-Michael Wolff Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax

The second track "Listen Here Listen Up" is a blues infused jazz nasty to blow your mind and feed your soul! This tune is as cool as the other side of pillow! This is pure acid funk, Adamo welcomes you to a new sound, his sound with a band that takes in the pocket to the next dimension of groove. Straight up, there is not another vocal artist covering this territory and I am at a loss to think of another that could with this kind of authenticity. Tony Adamo is the real deal!

Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Mike Clark-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax

As a critical mercenary it is my job to hip you to the best of what is available or in this case what is coming! Christmas doesn't end on December 25th fellow babies, Tony Adamo is bringing you a little something the first of the year!

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Tony Adamo joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 13, 2009