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04/24/14    Albums

Parlor Series
John Clayton with Gerald Clayton

For years now, eminent bassist John Clayton has been pursuing what he calls a longstanding dream: asking pianists he admires to record duets in a manner so relaxed and intimate it’s as if they are playing in the parlor of his home. The now-deceased pianists...


03/30/14    Albums

Massive Threads
Kris Davis

Kris Davis clearly communicates abstract concepts, a talent that endears her work to intellectual listeners. The imagery that comes out of her piano can be vividly cinematic, but her compositional style ensures that the sonic movie will likely be of the...


02/25/14    Albums

Arc Trio
Mario Pavone

In planning his first live album after dozens of studio recordings as a leader or co-leader, septuagenarian bassist Mario Pavone wanted the music to capture some of what he heard on trio records fronted by idiosyncratic, genre-spanning pianists during the...


01/21/14    Albums

Plays the Max Roach Songbook
The Willie Jones III Sextet

Drummer Willie Jones III has put together a very idiosyncratic songbook to honor the seminal bop artist and activist Max Roach. Only two of the seven compositions are Roach originals. Just one track, Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” can be traced...


01/19/14    Albums

Roberto Fonseca

Yo is both a wry and accurate title, for keyboardist Roberto Fonseca has melded a scintillating and deeply affecting collection of Afro-Cuban jazz, folk and idiomatic street rhythms that warrants your attention. He goes headhunting for vintage Herbie Hancock...


01/19/14    Albums

Ted Nash Big Band

Ted Nash knows his way around big bands. The son and nephew of working musicians, before he had exited his teens Nash had already played regular gigs with large ensembles led by Quincy Jones, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Don Ellis and Gerry Mulligan. In his 20s he...


01/14/14    Albums

Sun Pictures
Linda Oh

The title of bassist-composer Linda Oh’s third CD refers to the oldest remaining outdoor movie theater, located in her former home country of Australia. But Sun Pictures is also an apt description of her seven original songs, which are gently upbeat and...


01/06/14    Albums

Four Directions
Marc Cary Focus Trio

For an ensemble named Focus, Marc Cary’s trio sure does prefer a panoramic array of styles. The opening track on Four Directions , “Todi Blues,” is a burbling compound of classical Hindustani raga and Washington, D.C. go-go, with the tablas of Sameer Gupta...


01/02/14    Albums

The Oversoul Manual
Darius Jones

The Oversoul Manual is an ambitious and intrepid vocal opus by composer Darius Jones, who forsakes his alto saxophone and all other instruments aside from the four voices in the Elizabeth-Caroline Unit he has assembled for the project. Operating in all permutations...


12/26/13    Albums

Gathering Call
Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski

Gathering Call is much closer in spirit to the work of Matt Wilson’s other longstanding ensemble, the playful Arts & Crafts, than to his previous two Quartet discs, Humidity (2003) and That’s Gonna Leave a Mark! (2009). Part of that is due to the swapping...


12/23/13    Albums

Saturday Morning
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal sounds like the luckiest man in the world on Saturday Morning . At 83, the pianist is able to express with magisterial power all the rhythms in his heart and moods in his soul. Perhaps it’s karmic payback for how underrated Jamal has been over...


12/20/13    Albums

Swing N' Dix
Jeff Lederer's Swing N' Dix

Depending on your distance from fifth-grade humor, the wordplay in the name of Jeff Lederer’s latest band is worthy of either a snicker or a cringe. But it also happens to be accurate: Swing n’ Dix is an irreverent but good-natured group that takes its cues...


12/06/13    Albums

Sabotage and Celebration
John Escreet

Because pianist John Escreet composes songs that are vivid and variegated in mood, tempo and complexity, he has been able to garner top-notch talent for the five albums he has released since 2008, two years after arriving in New York from his native England...


12/04/13    Albums

The Destructive Element
Harris Eisenstadt September Trio

Drummer-composer Harris Eisenstadt has a beguiling way of meshing simplicity and sophistication, a characteristic that seems most arresting in the context of his September Trio. It is the smallest of Eisenstadt’s regular ensembles, and features a pair of...


11/22/13    Albums

In This Life
Jamie Baum

Flutist-composer Jamie Baum’s previous albums included overt tributes to Bartók, Stravinsky, Ives and trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, influences that form a nice approximation of the intricate chamber-jazz Baum put forth with her longstanding septet. On In This...


11/18/13    Albums

Just Listen
Joey Baron

A compelling case can be made for guitarist Bill Frisell as the most desirable duet partner in jazz—and for Joey Baron, now that Paul Motian has passed, as the most empathetic drummer to engage him. Having appeared on a dozen of each other’s records over...

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