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12/18/14    Albums

The Great Lakes Suite
Wadada Leo Smith

Composer-trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith has set an impossibly high bar for himself recently with a pair of politically trenchant, inventively knotty large ensemble projects, his magnum opus Ten Freedom Summers (2012) and Occupy the World (2013). The Great Lakes...


11/28/14    Albums

Kenny Werner

Kenny Werner suggests that Coalition be the name of this bass-less quintet as well as the title of their debut, and the often-roiling alliance of cultures at play here fortifies the moniker on both counts. In the liner notes, he says he built the group around...


11/24/14    Albums

Ali Jackson

Ali Jackson is a loyal acolyte of Wynton Marsalis. The trumpeter and Jazz at Lincoln Center artistic director became something of a father figure to Jackson after his dad died, and he’s helped shepherd the drummer’s career right up through his current position...


11/14/14    Albums

A Touch of Radiance
Yelena Eckemoff Quintet

Proof that Russian pianist Yelena Eckemoff is an extraordinary composer is evident from the phenomenal musicians she was able to recruit for her first-ever collection of original music for quintet. The august rhythm tandem of drummer Billy Hart and bassist...


11/12/14    Albums

Love and Ghosts
Farmers By Nature

The abundance of talent, trust, self-confidence, patience and intuition required to collectively improvise at such a high level for more than an hour at a time is possessed by the three members of Farmers by Nature and precious few others. The trio’s third...


10/31/14    Albums

A Tribute to Wayne Shorter
Dave Liebman Big Band

The reputation of composer Wayne Shorter is a growth stock likely to continue to soar for decades on end. But unlike Duke Ellington or even Charles Mingus, Shorter has written relatively little for large ensembles. Still, his supple melodies, harmonic sophistication...


10/30/14    Albums

The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite
Anthony Branker & Wordplay

Anthony Branker has released an album on the Origin label every year since 2009, honing a hybrid of freewheeling postbop and social commentary, abetted by judicious dollops of funk, fusion, spoken word, clave and polyrhythmic percussion. That’s a heady stew...


06/28/14    Albums

Gathering Light
Oran Etkin

Oran Etkin, a native Israeli clarinetist-saxophonist and ardent proponent of melded cultures, sows gratitude for his world travels throughout Gathering Light . Indeed, his song called “Gratitude” initiated these sessions, prompting a display of effusive...


06/27/14    Albums

Leave the Door Open
Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar Multiplicity

To say an artist “is challenging himself” is a tired cliché, so let’s simply note that guitarist-composer Joel Harrison exhibits uncommon curiosity and endurance in his search for different ways to make his music beautiful and visceral. On Leave the Door...


06/26/14    Albums

Outside the Line
Peter Brendler

Peter Brendler’s recent projects include an austere collection of duets with guitarist John Abercrombie and a couple of wild and wooly albums with intrepid saxophonist Jon Irabagon. That broad spectrum made it difficult to guess how the young bassist would...


06/21/14    Albums

Rhapsody In Gershwin
Ted Rosenthal Trio

Whether or not you endorse the finished product, it is hard to argue against Ted Rosenthal being at the helm of a piano-trio rendition of George Gershwin’s opus, “Rhapsody in Blue.” Rosenthal has played the piece solo and with symphonies. As a former Thelonious...


05/22/14    Albums


The prolific, serpentine discography of Dave Douglas continues. On Riverside the intrepid trumpeter-composer teams up with Montreal reed player Chet Doxas for a band paying creative tribute to Jimmy Giuffre, with former Giuffre cohort Steve Swallow on electric...


05/05/14    Albums

Sackbut Stomp
Joe Fiedler's Big Sackbut

People of all ages and persuasions can’t help but be charmed by Big Sackbut on first listen. Like sumo wrestlers in action, this trombone-trio-plus-tuba immediately compels with its striking blend of largesse, brute strength and surprising grace and dexterity...


05/02/14    Albums

New Ammo
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Good luck coming up with a category for New Ammo , the first record for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe in five years. The buffed-up octet tosses together the driving grooves of Phish-like jam bands, the itchy spasticity of Downtowners like the Lounge Lizards...


04/24/14    Albums

Parlor Series
John Clayton with Gerald Clayton

For years now, eminent bassist John Clayton has been pursuing what he calls a longstanding dream: asking pianists he admires to record duets in a manner so relaxed and intimate it’s as if they are playing in the parlor of his home. The now-deceased pianists...


03/30/14    Albums

Massive Threads
Kris Davis

Kris Davis clearly communicates abstract concepts, a talent that endears her work to intellectual listeners. The imagery that comes out of her piano can be vividly cinematic, but her compositional style ensures that the sonic movie will likely be of the...

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