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05/14/16    Albums

Ingrid Laubrock

With four weighty, gnarly horn stylists (and her husband Tom Rainey on drums), Ingrid Laubrock gives new meaning to the phrase “heavy breathing” on Ubatuba . Indeed, the lead track, “Any Breathing Organism,” opens with a series of long gusts through saxophones...


05/09/16    Albums

In Paris: The ORTF Recordings
Larry Young

These 1960s European sessions capture organist Larry Young in a fruitful mid-period of his tragically short career: beyond the overt Jimmy Smith influences of his early material for Prestige, but not yet in the cosmic avant-jazz-rock orbit he would later...


05/04/16    Albums

Azul Infinito
Ryan Keberle & Catharsis

ou need a magnifying glass to get through the copious liner notes of Azul Infinito , but it’s an illuminating slog. First, the composer-trombonist Ryan Keberle explains how a native of the suburbs of the Pacific Northwest fell in with South American musicians...


04/08/16    Albums

The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam

Stephen Bruner, a.k.a. Thundercat, is a genuine artist. We know this because at a pivotal, spotlight moment in his career—right on the heels of his vital contributions to a trio of magnificent recordings by Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar and Kamasi Washington—he...


04/02/16    Albums

Back Home
Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana is going to be an influential tenor saxophonist in jazz for decades to come. At 24 she won the 2013 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, and followed it up with Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio a year later. Raised in a musical family...


03/02/16    Albums

More Than Meets the Ear
Robin Eubanks Mass Line Big Band

Robin Eubanks has cut an impressively wide swath as a trombonist and composer, and his largest impact in both realms has been as a galvanizing member of ensembles. Those groups range from Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers to the early bands of the M-BASE collective...


02/17/16    Albums

Joe McPhee/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Charles Downs

Ticonderoga has an irresistible backstory. Jamie Saft and Joe Morris discovered a mutual love for John Coltrane’s much-maligned 1966 album Live at the Village Vanguard Again! Proclaiming Alice Coltrane his favorite pianist, Saft wanted to make a record inspired...


02/05/16    Albums

Michael Musillami

Zephyr successfully achieves its modest ambition. Pride , released in 2014, was a two-hour extravaganza that abetted guitarist Michael Musillami’s trio with rugged, notable guests (Kris Davis, Mark Feldman, Jimmy Greene), containing a live disc revitalizing...


02/03/16    Albums

Erik Friedlander

Erik Friedlander first honored Oscar Pettiford in 2008 with Broken Arm Trio , a collection of originals inspired by Pettiford’s rediscovery of the cello after his busted wing became an obstacle to performing on the larger bass. Oscalypso goes a step further...


01/04/16    Albums

Gilad Hekselman

Homes is the most contemplative and tender of Gilad Hekselman’s five records to date, and the one that comes closest to the hushed, elegant dynamics the guitarist so obviously admires in the long-term piano trios of Ahmad Jamal and Bill Evans. For the first...


12/17/15    Albums

Time River
Miho Hazama

It makes sense that composer-arranger Miho Hazama would cite Maria Schneider and her Manhattan School of Music teacher Jim McNeely as the two most influential figures in her creative development. Time River , much like Hazama’s debut, Journey to Journey...


12/09/15    Albums

Machine Language

In the wake of musician-composer Bob Belden’s sudden passing by heart attack at 58 last May, we are at least left with the satisfaction that his swan song is this eminently fascinating “cyberpunk opera,” a glorious twining of Philip K. Dick and electric...


11/20/15    Albums

Adam Rogers/David Binney

Both Adam Rogers and David Binney are known for composing and playing ambitious originals that spring from postbop into a wealth of other genres and cultural hybrids. But on R&B , the two musicians are intent on crystallizing their longstanding familiarity...


11/04/15    Albums

The Epic Botanical Beat Suite
Hu Vibrational

The Epic Botanical Beat Suite aims to blow your mind. Its songs are named after the resin of cannabis (“Charas”), and hallucinogens that you eat (the cactus “Hikuli”) and rub into your scalp (“Kwa-shi”). Its liner notes feature a quote from Tommy Chong...


09/02/15    Albums

Steve Smith & Vital Information NYC Edition

Steve Smith and Vital Information are renowned, successful commodities. Smith has been named one of the top 25 drummers of all time by Modern Drummer magazine, and Vital Information, the ensemble Smith began in 1983 when he was still in Journey, has for...


08/24/15    Albums

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

Wayne Wallace is a fine trombonist but a better bandleader, and an exceptional conceptualist. His ingenious knack for re-contextualizing bop standards using Latin idioms, or simply splicing cultures guided by his instincts and imagination, turns the song...

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