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About Keith Wesby


You will be delighted by the smooth Jazz instrumentals of “Before Dawn” by accomplished bass player Keith Wesby. This album proves that Wesby has a talent for creating melodic and interesting compilations. The arrangements are a beautiful blend of his fine bass attributes combined with a mixture of well orchestrated instruments.

The smooth bass line of “A New Day” moves with style and ease as the strings, electric piano, and horns come together with pleasing sound texture. Funky grooves mingle with drums and guitar on songs such as “Lite Tower” or “That’s Your Opinion.”

Wesby’s bass talents runs full throttle as his strong fingers runs with intense precision across the fret board with classical style on “Chopinism (Opus 28, 3-4-5)." The charming and refreshing collections of Jazz instrumentals on “Before Dawn” will be sure to please and is well worth listening to.

Keith Wesby joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 09, 2009