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About Theory of Mind


Theory of Mind® (BMI) is the trade name used by Crater Rock Music, LLC artist and composer, Tony Belcastro, a high functioning autistic savant with Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) who plays guitar, bass, percussion, piano/keyboards and various other instruments when needed. His current focus is mainly on guitar.

Tony first began showing an interest in music before he was one year old, when he was humming notes of familiar songs in key; by one year of age he was twanging rhythms on spring doorstops. Tony began playing drums at the age of 10, bass guitar at 11 (which he played in his first band at the age of 12) and by age 13 he was teaching himself electric guitar. Tony wrote his first song in 9th grade. He tried forming many cover bands up until he left high school, but eventually decided to never play other people's music again. By the late 80's, after several failed attempts at keeping bands together, Tony began performing acoustic blues and improvisational jazz guitar. In the early '90s, not long after becoming a Christian, he stopped playing guitar to pursue a career as a freelance magazine photographer. He began experimenting with music again near the turn of the millennium and in 2006 his first CD with Crater Rock Music, ENTER THE MISFIT, was released. In 2007 Tony began to explore jazz once again and by 2009 he decided to focus mainly on recording improvisational jazz fusion.

Theory of mind, in psychological terms, means having an understanding that other people's minds are different than your own and having the ability to comprehend, or develop theories about what other people are thinking, or feeling, simply by observing them. It is often referred to as the ability to "walk in someone else's shoes." It is a common and somewhat controversial belief that non-autistic people develop theory of mind at an early age and are able to reciprocate emotionally, even when they are very young, while most autistic people do not.

Tony’s musical endeavor with Crater Rock Music has been named Theory of Mind because music is a natural form of expression for him. He is able to convey the emotions and experiences within himself to other people through his compositions more effectively than he can verbally. Because of Dyscalculia (a mathematics learning disability), Tony has had extreme difficulties trying to understand and learn much of the technical aspects of music theory; he firmly believes his musical abilities are spiritual gifts.

It is Tony’s hope that his music will help to cultivate the acceptance and appreciation of autistic people everywhere, as well as demonstrating that autism should be seen as a blessing instead of a curse, or a disease.

The phrase "Theory of Mind" IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK (USPTO #78/896362) of Crater Rock Music and Theory of Mind, Hampton VA. All Theory of Mind music and images are owned exclusively by Crater Rock Music, LLC. UNAUTHORIZED USE PROHIBITED!

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