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About Maurizio Rolli


Maurizio Rolli is a graduate in double bass and jazz music studies. He is currently teaching electric bass and double bass as well as jazz harmony studies at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese in Pescara, Italy. He has worked with: Peter Erskine,Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Alex Acuña, Michael Manring, Hiram Bullock, Otmaro Ruiz,Scott Colley, Diane Shuur, Danny Gottlieb, Enrico Pieranunzi, Claude Barthelemy, Paolo Fresu, Gianluigi Trovesi, Bruno Tommaso, Paolo Damiani,Mauro Negri,Massimo Manzi, Giampaolo Casati, Marco Fumo, Pino Minafra, Adam Makovicz, Russel Gloyd, Pierre Favre, Michael Riessler, Bill Russo, Cameron Brown, Rosario Giuliani, Roberto Ottaviano, Marco Tamburini, Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Giorgio Gaslini and many many others.
He's bass player with R.A.R.E. a new quartet featuring Alex Acuña on percussions, Otmaro Ruiz on piano and Gianluca Esposito on saxes.

He was bassplayer with Hiram Bullock "X-perience" along threee years.

Since September 2000 he has been art director of the a A.M.P. Big Band (jazz orchestra of the Accademia Musicale Pescarese), which recorded with Michael Manring and Mike Stern the cd "Moodswings, a tribute to the music of Jaco Pastorius", released in October 2001, the year of the 50th anniversary of Jaco’s birth.

This cd was reviewed as Cd of the month on "Bass Player" Magazine and on "Jazzit" Magazine.

Maurizio Rolli is featured in "Bassics" Magazine cd with M.Manring , Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine, Jimmy Haslip, Alain Caron ecc...

He has performed in several international festivals such as those held in: Grenoble;Bratislava jazz days, Pescara (Pescara Jazz 2009);Jazz'n'fall 2002/08, Volterra; Noci; Lucca (1996, 1997); Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano;S.Anna Arresi (2002); Pescara (Pescara Acoustic Festival); Rome (Massenzio festival, where he represented the Italian National Jazz Musician Association); Matera (Gezziamoci); Roccella Jonica (in'96, '98 and 2000 edition); L'Aquila (Romantici Risvegli); Noci '96; Tagliacozzo '96; Roseto (Eufonia); Interamnia Jazz festival (1999, 2000); Crema (1998 Bottesini Basso festival); Atina 2000; Milazzo Jazz; Lignano Jazz 2000; Vasto; Bussi; Atessa Jazz. He has been member as well as composer and arranger for the 'Is Ensemble', formed by ISMEZ (Istituto per lo Sviluppo Musicale del Mezzogiorno – Italian Institute for the development of Southern Italy), through a selection of more than 140 Italian musicians. The ensemble was awarded 8th best band in jazz magazine Top Jazz 1997 referendum.

He has won several music competitions such as: Barga jazz '97 (1° place awarded to his trio with Diana Torto and Filiberto Palermini); Biennale del Mediterraneo ('Iceberg' - Bologna '98 -1° prize, with Alfredo Impullitti’s 'Kaos Ensemble'); the Roccella Ionica 'New Talents' '98 competition - in which he was first selected as member of the orchestra conducted by C. Barthelemy (conductor of the Vienna Art Orchestra and the France Jazz Orchestra) and then mentioned as orchestra best soloist (along with Achille Succi and Walter Civettini); 'Baronissi Jazz 2000' (Max Ionata quartet). He was awarded 2nd place in 'Massimo Urbani' 2000 competition.

He is a consultant, endorser and agent for 'Fbass' and 'Mayones' (hand built electric basses) and "MarkBass" (bass amps): he usually represents these firms in Rimini Disma and Frankfurt Muzik Messe music fairs.


"Rolli's tones"(Wide sound)("Rolli's tones big band" feat.P.Erskine, H. Bullock,M.Stern,B.Franceschini,B.Shepard) - Gennaio 2008

::"Tijuana portrait"(Israel Varela w/Alfredo Paixao, Otmaro Ruiz,Diego Amador,John Peña,Luis Amador,Alba Heredia)
:: "The lodger"(Angelo Valori)
:: "Gli anni del buio" (Angelo Valori)
:: "Favole per adulti" 2006 (Gianni De Chellis w/ Hiram Bullock, Matt Bissonette, Dino Fiorenza)
:: "Angelo Canelli plays the music of Sting" (Angelo Canelli w.Jason Marsalis & Jason Stewart)
:: "M'Bollo" (Kisito Band)
:: "Archivi sonori" feat.Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Otmaro Ruiz, Danny Gottlieb ("Widesound" and Japan label "Roving Spirits")
:: "Wide Christmas-Christmas Jazz Songs" feat. Bosso, Manzi, Torto, Filippini ecc....
:: "Nuove Tribù italiche" - allegato a World music magazine
:: "Bassics magazine n.31" - feat. J.Pastorius, A.Caron, M.Manring, P.Erskine ecc...
:: "Moodswings - a tribute to J.Pastorius" feat. M.Stern, M.Manring, A.M.P. Big Band
:: "Norwegian Mood" with D.Torto, P.Damiani, R.Ottaviano, F.Palermini
:: "Is Ensemble" (P.Damiani)
:: "Missa" (A.Impullitti) feat. P.Fresu, G.Trovesi, T.Tracanna, P.Favre
:: "La partenza della sposa" (M.Patricelli) feat. J.Girotto
:: "Zaira" (Filippini / Ionata)
:: "L'amo" (P.Di Sabatino)
:: "Le notti di Cabiria" (C.Della Rancia)
:: "Gijèm Gijèm" (Alexian Group)
:: "Vientovivo" (F.Ciancetta)
:: "Après midi" (O.Fratini)

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