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03/17/10    Albums

We Couldn't Agree More
Bill Anschell/Brent Jensen

The art of intelligent conversation requires intelligent listening, as well as a certain give and take. What we have here is precisely that: unrehearsed, non-arranged, spontaneous conversation between a piano and a soprano sax, or rather, between the fertile...


03/17/10    Albums

In Love...Again
Gail Marten

Not every singer can easily achieve intimacy; Gail Marten has thoroughly mastered the art. Ms Marten is still endeavoring to attain a similar level of perfection with intonation, yet her latest album is a joy to behold. That is mainly due to her knowing...


03/05/10    Albums

Hold On
Fred Hess Big Band

Fred Hess has never met a re-harmonized chord, or a free exploration, or a wide-open dissonant voicing he didn't like. On his 14th album as leader, you'll meet all of the above, and then some. The multi-faceted tenorist/arranger from Denver -- where he's...


03/01/10    Albums

Watch What Happens
Charito Meets Michel Legrand

The decision to partner Philippine-born Charito with French-born Michel Legrand was an inspired move. It not only blends the jazz genre with cabaret; it features two unique vocal timbres and opens our ears to various cultural influences. Charito is now based...


02/15/10    Albums

From All Directions
Tatiana Mayfield Quintet & the Erskine Hawkins Band

Fresh out of the University of North Texas music department, Ms Mayfield makes quite a splash with her debut album. Sounding more like a veteran than an ingénue, the 22-year old displays confidence bordering on swagger as she fearlessly tackles jazz standards...


02/08/10    Albums

I'm Old Fashioned
Eddie Erickson Live With His International Swing Band

This septet is truly international: they represent the USA, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands and Italy. Fortunately, they all speak fluent jazz. The concert took place in Germany, September 2007, and included rare gems and great standards from the 20s through...


01/29/10    Albums

Lew Green & Joe Muranyi

"If you can feel your pancreas dancing, the music is swinging." The quote comes from Bob Leary, banjoist/guitarist on this session. The visceral aspect is hard to prove, but his musical assessment is quite accurate. Cornetist Lew Green and clarinetist Joe...


01/29/10    Albums

Jazz and the Movies
Jack Wood

If you could somehow pour the stylings of Frank Sinatra and Jack Jones into a blender, out would flow the crooning of Jack Wood: not as hip as the former; not as dramatic as the latter, but they're both significant since they are important influences on...


01/25/10    Albums

An Old Soul
Mark Buselli

Six years and five CDs ago, Mark Buselli and Brent Wallarab decided to pool their charts and chops and function on either side of a hyphen. Based in Indiana, the co-leaders and their 16 sidemen are forcing educators and jazz departments everywhere to take...


01/19/10    Albums

Small Hotel
Rosana Eckert

Six years have elapsed since Rosana Eckert released her ensemble debut, At the End of the Day . Seems like an eternity if you can't get enough of her unique talent. Finally the second chapter has been issued in the journey of self-discovery by the multi...


01/18/10    Albums

Classic Swing with a Modern Drive
Greg Caputo Big Band

It's comforting to know there are still devotees of the big band genre willing to rehearse, travel, and record what they believe in. One such "keeper of the flame" is drummer Greg Caputo, based in Springfield, MA. Greg has toured with the Benny Goodman...


01/16/10    Albums

Dave Bennett Celebrates 100 Years of Benny
Dave Bennett

The fact that Dave Bennett never met his idol, Benny Goodman, is sad, but totally plausible; Dave was all of two when Benny checked out in 1986. Since then, with only minimal professional help, Bennett taught himself how to play clarinet, adding other reeds...


01/08/10    Albums

Class of '68
The Mike Barone Big Band

Mike Barone has long been an institution in the Los Angeles jazz scene as a band leader, trombonist and composer/arranger. He led his own big band at Donte's, in North Hollywood, from 1966 to 1969. When Doc Severinsen heard Mike's charts, what followed was...


01/05/10    Albums

Johnny Mercer: A Centennial Tribute
Daryl Sherman

Six years ago, Arbors Records released Daryl Sherman's centennial tribute to Richard Rodgers, A Hundred Million Miracles , with the focus, naturally, on the music. Ms Sherman is back with another loving tribute, this one concentrating on the witty, sophisticated...


01/05/10    Albums

This Is It!
The Brooks Tegler Big Band

For more than three decades, drummer/singer/bandleader Brooks Tegler has been waging a one-man campaign to play, preserve and promote a generation of jazz about which he is obsessed: the period between the mid-30s and the end of the 50s -- that golden era...


Wild Women of Song
Pamela Rose

Pamela Rose would make one helluva politician. She's already a firmly established jazz and blues vocalist bearing a slight physical and musical resemblance to Bette Midler. And like Midler, Rose infuses her live and recorded performances with non-stop energy...

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