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However, it can be not just dead fish that you will need to eliminate from your tank. Fish which might be obviously sick has to be immediately quarantined, which you'll want to do by putting them right into a fishbowl in order that they do not spread their disease to the opposite fish inside tank. You can understand if fish are sick by taking a look at their movement in the water. If the fish are sluggish within the way they move (you need to compare with where did they move normally), or if they're spending a lot of time behind the rocks or plants inside the aquarium, or simply just lying lethargically about the aquarium bed, then something is wrong with them. Betta Fish Store , Removing dead fish is an extremely simple process actually, however, you have to be sure the fish is basically dead. Dead fish will temporarily sink towards the bottom with the aquarium, however soon enough, they are going to begin floating inside the tank inside infamous belly-up position. This is the time in the event the fish will become releasing toxins in to the water. When you see a fish in this manner, remove it immediately.

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