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About Ken Ball


Ken Ball, early Baby Boomer, grew up with a brother, 10 years older, who liked jazz.
Ken became fascinated with his brother's records and qquickly moved from liking jazz to loving it.
He had a pioneering jazz show on his college's at-that-time new radio station.
Remembers referring to Thelonius Monk as "Knuckles" Monk, for which he is now most humbly apologetic.

Later in life (and currently), Ken has amassed a collection of modern, bop and hard bop CDs numbering close to 900, many of which are now on his iPod.

Thelonius rules.
Eric Dolphy was the coolest ever.
Timeless All-Stars is the greatest super group.
He could go on...

Ken Ball joined the JazzTimes community on Apr 18, 2009