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About Ronald Curazzato


My name is Ronald S. Curazzato. I am a writer, poet, lyricist, songwriter and singer. I have won awards both as a poet and lyricist. Over the last couple of years I have won five awards entering Vhl’s International Song of the Year contest. A Top 5, Runner-up, two times Suggested Artist and an Honorable Mention. Still waiting for my big break and have my work recognized by the music industry. I have also written a self-published book of poetry and literature entitled “No Limits No Boundaries” that can be purchased or viewed via the internet at and is also available at But back to the music and how I got there. I guess I’m a late bloomer because my talents are surfacing as I grow older. I couldn’t sing a lick six months ago. I guess it must be survival or something. I know that if I’m going to break into the music business then my best bet is to create the music, lyrics and sing it myself. I also play a little piano. I picked it up two years ago and self-taught myself. I started writing poetry in my early 20’s, I am 52 years old now. My poetry is mostly about self-realization, reaching your full potential and making your dreams come true. Which is the theme of the book that I have written is about. I figure that since I didn’t have any concept of believing in myself as I was growing up in my childhood and teen years, pretty much surrounded by negative minded people, I could maybe help someone reach their full potential and make their dreams come true. Been there. Done that. But I feel it is most important to reach the kids with these kind of writings. And have recently been a guess speaker at Cosgrove Middle School, Spencerport, New York. Now that I understand myself and am unlocking the talent that I have in me I can give back what I truly needed when I was younger. Which is the reason I wrote the book. It was also a good avenue to showcase my poetry. I also figured that if I am going to make a living as a poet I would have to make the transition from poet to lyricist. So I studied the lyrical formats from different artist, took my experiences in different relationship with women and started to write bout it. So here I am. Ready for success.

Ronald Curazzato joined the JazzTimes community on Apr 15, 2009