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April 1999    Briefs

Rolf Kuhn and Friends

This is a delightful little record that features the woody clarinet of Rolf Kuhn in a variety of amicable settings. There's an ethereal group with Dave Liebman's soprano sax and Chuck Loeb's guitar, raucous collaborations with Randy Brecker's groups, clarinet...

April 1999    Briefs

David Calarco

David Calarco is a drummer based in upstate New York, currently working regularly with guitarist Chuck D'Aloia. This album brings together D'Aloia and others in whose groups he once worked, like Tom Harrell, along with Jerry Bergonzi and pianist Fred Hersch...


April 1999    Albums

Ari Brown

Ari Brown is a rough-hewn saxophonist of striking power and brilliance. He plays with raw emotion and ferocity and possesses a distinctive voice culled from his Chicago roots. Brown's range of experience draws from work with Elvin Jones, Lester Bowie, and...


April 1999    Albums

Ethnomusicology Vol. 1
Russell Gunn

This album is a rough-shod, self-conscious attempt to mix the rhythms and concepts of scratchy, hip-hop aesthetics with the atmospheric, Miles-inflected trumpet of Russell Gunn and an ensemble of other young musicians. The result doesn't satisfy; while at...

January/February 1999    Briefs

Healing Song
John Gunther's Axis Mundi

This session features saxophonist John Gunther teamed with trumpeter Ron Miles, in a piano-less quartet on most tracks. They play within the idiom of that modernist style and produce music full of angular contours and spiritual movement. The compositions...


January/February 1999    Albums

Eric Alexander/John Hicks/George Mraz/Idris Muhammad

For the Prestige label's 50th Anniversary season, tribute and repertory albums are now coming out. This disc brings together an all star band playing classic jazz compositions from its 1950s' records, songs that deserved the exclamation point, like "Little...


January/February 1999    Albums

Andy Martin & Metropole Orchestra
Andy Martin

Andy Martin is a young veteran trombonist on the California scene. He plays in many big bands, and studio, movie, and commercial work. These two albums give him a chance to be spotlighted out front in sympathetic settings. The Mons album includes recordings...


January/February 1999    Albums

This n' That
Windmill Saxophone Quartet

The Windmill Saxophone Quartet are four reeds playing without any rhythm section or other accompaniment. The group creates an astonishing palette of sound from the unorthodox instrumentation. The quartet includes Clayton Englar, Jesse Meman, Ken Plant, and...


October 1998    Briefs


The French-born Romane is a guitarist playing in the Gypsy jazz tradition. This album, his third, but the first to my ears, is an absolutely delightful excursion into a magical world. Though clearly under the spell of Django Reinhardt, Romane is not merely...


October 1998    Albums


Nunu is an intriguing band based in Munich. These German musicians present a style of music based on Eastern European Jewish traditions that they call klezmer-plus. Their sound defies categorization, incorporating folk, rock, and "world-beat" ethnic elements...

October 1998    Albums

D's Mood
Danny Walsh

Danny Walsh plays alto and tenor sax and has been on the scene for over a decade. This is his first album as a leader for SteepleChase. Walsh plays with an energetic, virile attack, and he negotiates this album with a contemporary edge on the hard bop lineage...


June 1998    Albums

Going Once, Going Twice
Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is a drummer originally from the Midwest, then honed in Boston with the circle of the Either/Orchestra, and on the downtown New York scene in recent years. He also plays in the groups of Dewey Redman, Lee Konitz and Cecil McBee. On this, his...


June 1998    Briefs

Tom Cohen Trio
Tom Cohen Trio

While under the leadership of drummer Cohen, this is a piano trio record that allows for free interaction with all of the group's members Ron Thomas on piano and Mike Richmond on bass. Thomas plays with a bright, airy, approach, coming out of Bill Evans...


June 1998    Briefs

The Boston Quartets
Eric T. Johnson

Eric Johnson is a convincing, sweet, jazz guitar player. This album features him out front of two quartet settings. The first group, from 1996, includes the trumpet of Phil Grenadier, plus bass and drums. The group achieves interesting balance between the...


June 1998    Briefs

To Be There
Scott Whitfield

Scott Whitfield is a trombonist who's served time with Walt Disney World, and in jazz has played with Nat Adderley and in big bands. Here he has a chance to show his talents on a mainstream small group date. Whitfield is a fluent, crisp player. The album...


June 1998    Albums

Nick Brignola

Nick Brignola used to be one of the best-kept secrets in jazz. He is a virtuoso on the baritone saxophone, but hadn't appeared on the major scenes for some time. Nevertheless, he has begun to attract attention again in forums such as magazine polls, and...

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