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March 2006    Artist Profiles

Skalpel's Top 10 Polish Jazz Albums

Skalpel is the name under which Wroclaw, Poland's Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudlo make their sample-heavy jazztronica. The duo's second CD, Konfusion (Ninja Tune), mines dusty grooves culled primarily from Polish jazz LPs made in the 1960s and '70s to create...


March 2006    Artist Profiles

Arild Andersen: Electric Electra

When director Yannis Margaritis decided to stage Sophocles' murder-and-revenge tragedy Electra, he wanted a 21st-century soundtrack for a play that was first staged around 420 B.C. So Margaritis turned to Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen, whose 1990 CD...


January/February 2006    Artist Profiles

The Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Taking Five with E.S.T.

The Esbjorn Svensson Trio--aka E.S.T.--is huge in Europe, but the highly melodic and immediately accessible Swedish piano trio has had a harder time making a mark in the U.S. After a two-album stint with a pre-Bad Plus Columbia, the band was dropped with...


January/February 2006    DVDs

Last Date
Eric Dolphy

This 1991 documentary is a love letter to Eric Dolphy, mysterious master of the alto sax, flute and bass clarinet who died at 36 in Germany after he lapsed into a coma brought about by diabetes; doctors mistakenly assumed it was because he was a drug addict...


January/February 2006    DVDs

A Great Day in Harlem
Various Artists

One of the most beloved jazz documentaries ever gets the deluxe treatment in this two-DVD edition. The film documents the famous 1958 Art Kane photograph for Esquire that featured 57 jazz musicians posed in front of a Harlem brownstone. Director Jean Bach...

November 2005    JT Notes

New Orleans Blues

I've only been in New Orleans once: four days in March 2002 that went by far too fast. But as someone who writes about music for a living, part of me visits New Orleans every day-we all do. Because whether you're a music writer, or if you're just a passionate...


November 2005    Artist Profiles

Stromba: In the Buff

Stromba takes its moniker from the brand name of the steroid stanazolol (Rafael Palmeiro's testicle shrinker of choice). But as heard on The Sitting Room (Fat Cat), the British production duo of James Dyer and Tom Tyler brew a captivating mixture of downtempo...


November 2005    Artist Profiles

Ken Vandermark: Busy V

I’m a little bit tired,” Ken Vandermark says over the phone from his Chicago home. “I’m trying to get some charts written up between the calls.” The truth is Vandermark is probably always a little bit tired because he’s always trying to get something together...

10/06/05    News

Make It Funky, New Orleans Style

The New Orleans music documentary Make It Funky arrives on DVD on September 27. It’s a timely reminder of all the good things about the Crescent City. Director and producer Michael Murphy, along with Cilista Eberle (producer) and Daniel Roth (executive producer...

10/05/05    News

Bill Clinton's Music Room

We all know that Bill Clinton loves a good blowing session—as evidenced by the former president’s saxophone-playing 1992 appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show . (Get your minds correct, people!) Jazz-lover Clinton is now a venerable statesman, helping those...

10/04/05    News

Chris Botti preps new CD

Trumpeter Chris Botti spent just enough time away from main squeeze Katie Couric to cut To Love Again , the follow-up to 2004’s smash When I Fall In Love . (Dig those album titles. Note to Katie: You got your man wrapped around your finger, girl!) Released...


September 2005    At Home

Charles and Sue Mingus

Charles Mingus didn’t die in his apartment at 10th Avenue and West 43rd Street in New York City, but he did begin to wither away there in 1978, suffering from the effects of ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). But because Mingus was a fighter, his widow, Sue...


September 2005    Grooves

Say It Loud!
Lou Donaldson

Lou Donaldson’s Alligator Bogaloo was such a big soul-jazz hit in 1967 that the formula was still set for this 1968 LP: Don’t do much harmonically—all five tracks are in blues-boogie mode, even standards like “Summertime” and “Caravan”—but do groove like...


September 2005    Grooves

Ain't It Funky Now!
Grant Green

These three compilations are subtitled The Original Jam Master, and they take their cuts from Green’s last six records for Blue Note: Carryin’ On (1969), Green Is Beautiful (1970), Alive! (1970), Visions (1971), Shades of Green (1971), The Final Comedown...


September 2005    Grooves

A Celebration
Abdullah Ibrahim

A Celebration was released in Europe in 2004 to celebrate Abdullah Ibrahim’s 70th birthday, and its 13 songs spotlight the incredible pianist’s multifaceted, 35-year tenure with the Enja label. From solo pieces (“The Perfumed Garden Wet With Rain,” “Ancient...

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