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June 2002    Currents

Finding Paradise
David Lanz

Avoiding niches, pianist David Lanz asserts his personality through versatility on Finding Paradise. From the pop-stylish hooks and rolls of "Walk on Water" to the darker downward spirals of "Dorado," Lanz uses his instrument as a paint box to support memorable...


June 2002    Albums

Roberto Perera

Known for his pioneering work with the Paraguayan harp, Roberto Perera puts those lithe, brassy tones in little radio-ready boxes on Sensual. Though Perera utilizes exotic rhythm patterns and much organic instrumentation to highlight his work, these intentions...


June 2002    Currents

Turning Point
Jim Adkins

In the warm-toned, upbeat tradition of his Positive Music labelmates lies guitarist Jim Adkins, whose gentle-glide guitar work on Turning Point makes for some sweet easy listening, but not an original journey. The Richmond, Va.-based guitarist plays in sunny...


June 2002    Currents

It's Midnite
Dunn Pearson, Jr.

A truly solid one-man musical effort is hard to find. As composer, producer, keyboardist/programmer and president/CEO of his own company, Dunn Pearson Jr. does it all-with the help of a few guest appearances-on It's Midnite and the results are mostly cold...


June 2002    Currents

We Are Not Machines
Bradley Parker-Sparrow

As the score for a film (Watch) whose subject matter is described as "people living on the edge," We Are Not Machines sets what one would imagine to be an appropriate tone: eerie, foreboding and even disturbing. The work of composer Bradley Parker-Sparrow...


May 2002    Currents

No Strings Attached
Michael Kaeshammer

Audiences went wild for Harry Connick Jr.'s piano swingings in the early '90s, with the coming of the still-popular When Harry Met Sally... movie soundtrack. If there's any justice in the music world, the next gifted retro-pianist, Michael Kaeshammer, will...


May 2002    Currents

Wide Open Spaces
Morgan Bouldin

Another inventive keyboardist, Texan Morgan Bouldin, offers a nexus of styles-from tribal to jazz to modern funk, tracing Afro history and influence in music and story, on Wide Open Spaces (HSR 10022; 59:34). Bouldin draws on his musical vocabulary to build...


May 2002    Currents

Pekka Pylkkanen's Tube Factory

An appropriately haunted atmosphere permeates Opaque (Naxos 86068-2; 54:55), the elegantly crafted release from Pekka Pylkkanen's Tube Factory, which calls for repeat listenings to unwrap its many layers. The Finnish wind specialist Pylkkanen leads a tight...


May 2002    Currents

Walter Beasley

On Rendezvous (Shanachie 5086; 41:59), saxophonist Walter Beasley offers a rarity-a contemporary jazz/R&B genre album that is both romantic and accomplished, resisting the instrumental padding and cliches that mire so many decent soloists in sap. Beasley...


May 2002    Currents

This is Regina
Regina Belle

Presumably in an effort to "modernize" her proven musical chops, Regina Belle has been saddled with some truly silly lyrics and hyped-up funk settings on This Is Regina (Peak PKD-8505-2; 51:51). The venerable Belle, who boasts a pure, growl-to-soar elastic...


May 2002    Currents

Kazu Matsui

An artful, atmospheric work that is more accessible than you might think, Kazu Matsui's Bamboo (Narada 70876-15375-2-9; 47:07) offers musical perspective on the ancient traditions of his shakuhachi flute through memorable melodies and absorbing atmospheres...


May 2002    Currents

Stay With It
Rob Ryndak

Rob Ryndak's Stay With It (Southport S-SSD 0070; 44:12) is meditative in its glowing, comforting arrangements and ultimately uplifting in execution and theme. The pianist/composer executes his leads in a fleet, soft style, from the lightly stroked sparkling...


May 2002    Currents

Looking Beyond
Patricia Moon

A more running melodic approach to the piano propels Patricia Moon's Looking Beyond (Love and Laughter LLMCD-213; 55:21), which is filled with lively pop-cinema melodies. Composer Moon likes to support theme with arrangement-the rhythmic tension and fast...


May 2002    Currents


User-friendly fusion might be an apt description for the sly, technically breathtaking work of the quartet Synergy. The band's Barcodes (Synergy SYN-001-2; 51:47) showcases off-balance, tricky rhythms to keep listeners guessing on tunes like the hard-hitting...


May 2002    Currents

Unwrapped, Vol. 1
Various Artists

A frequent device in hip-hop is to sample hooks from pop and classic jazz. The intriguing idea behind Unwrapped, Volume 1 (Hidden Beach EK 85653; 61:53) is to turn the tables and "borrow back," by having a group of creative jazz artists take a turn at stretching...


March 2002    Currents

Fuzzy Logic
David Benoit

One of the nicest surprises of this young year is a departure for one of the most established names in contemporary jazz. On his 22nd album, esteemed keyboardist David Benoit applies Fuzzy Logic (GRP/Verve 314589079-2) and takes a left turn away from his...

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