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About Lorenzo Schnure

Making it in any type of business is an achievement in its own. You keep doing as you're educated; you take advice from those that have actually currently had success.

And when you work doggedly and do not quit you end up being successful. And when you get to that point it's time for you to become the fitness instructor and do for others as what you were shown from those prior to you. Empower Network Leaderboard

Making it in any business is an achievement in its own. You keep doing as you're trained; you listen from those that have currently had excellence.

And when you strive and don't throw in the towel you become successful. And when you get to that factor it's time for you to come to be the fitness instructor and do for others as what you were instructed from those before you.


You see we are all teachers whether it be teaching your kids manners or ways to use a bike or it be teaching others a new device or teaching them the steps it took you to get from where you where and where your are today.

There's always lessons to be know, always originalities that others have that you do not have. Don't believe you understand it all. Be a sponge and soak in all the know-how that is provided you.

See when I first started in this business I was brand-new. I didn't understand what I was doing, however I had ears and they paid attention to anybody who was willing to share their golden nuggets with me.
People I seen in videos, peoples blog sites that I made use of to read through or people I talked to via e-mail or over the phone that I actually appreciated as a mentor were simply ordinary people doing the same point that I intended to do.

They ate the exact same points that I did, drank the same things as well as breathed similarly I doinged this I understood then and there at this initial event that I was visiting perform phase and the upcoming occasion and be in the top 200 or even greater.

come to be empowered button

I no much longer looked at myself as if I was still a newbie. I then looked at myself and said I was a BADASS and I was sticking to my word.

I took MAJOR ACTION and began to in fact do and not just say I was visiting do. I started to not only modification my life but in fact help alter the life of numerous others, my TEAMS life. You see all of it returns to exactly what I pointed out initially we are all EDUCATORS.


And now I share my GOLDEN NUGGETS and enabled myself to continue to be on the leader board for these events. Not only myself however my TEAM is also on the leader board.

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